Woman Finds Rings In 15 Tons Of Trash

A woman in Massachusetts who accidentally threw away five of her rings, has been reunited with them after searching through 15 tons of trash.

Huffington Post reports that the woman, Deb Kirby, of Attleboro, Mass. reportedly removed the rings (which included her wedding and engagement rings, as well as one from her father), and put them on a paper towel while she dried her hands.

The next day, Kirby found that the rings were missing. She left for work, but returned during lunch to look for them. According to the Boston Globe, Kirby stated:

“I just could not figure out where I put those rings. I only ever put them in two places…As I was driving back to the office, I had a wave of panic as I remembered the paper towels, and I knew in my heart that I threw those rings away.’”

She called up the man who turned out to be her savior, Aaron Smith, Waste Management’s district manager. Smith stated that:

“I was compelled by the story she had to tell. I felt that it was important to help her, because the customers are important to us and the items were important to her, so we should make every effort to recover the items.”

Huffington Post reports that Smith called up a few other people, and found out that the truck carrying Deb Kirby’s rings was close to the incinerator. Thanks to the truck’s technology, Aaron Smith re-routed the driver to a local waste dump.

When she arrived at the dump, Kirby stated that:

“I thought I would be all by myself in a pile of trash digging for this.”

Instead, eight Waste Management workers worked with her to sift through the 15 tons of trash. According to The Boston Globe, Smith stated that:

“It took about half an hour. One of our employees found the bag and, sure enough, the stuff was there…She was ecstatic. She was very, very happy and grateful. She was hugging all the people involved.”

Deb Kirby was overjoyed, and most likely will never put her rings on something that she might throw away.