Body-Shamed Kim Kardashian Celebrates 45 Million Instagram Followers With Sexy Photo: Sorry, Beyoncé

Kim Kardashian celebrated 45 million Instagram followers on Wednesday. Us Weekly has the news.

“As if she would celebrate it any other way! Kim Kardashian said thank you to her 45 million Instagram followers by posting a revealing, sexy cleavage shot on Wednesday, Sept. 2 to make the milestone.”

According to People, Kim Kardashian had a fun night on Wednesday.

“Earlier that evening, Kardashian West had a night out with her sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian in Malibu to celebrate the upcoming launches of their apps – and the expectant mom didn’t let her growing baby belly stop her from finding a way to rock a crop top.”

Kim Kardashian appeared at the MTV VMAs Sunday night and become the subject of cruel internet comments. After an article on Buzzfeed that compared Kardashian to Barney Rubble (Flinstones) and a baked potato, commenters went in for the attack.

“She doesn’t look fierce. She looks like her tasteless husband dressed her. And he’s colorblind. I hope,” said Virginia Khouri.

“I swear. Kim and Kayne must have racks of ugly outfits and dresses reserved for when she’s pregnant just so they can use the ‘I’m pregnant making fun of my ill-fitting hideous outfit is bullying’ excuse,” wrote Tori Whitfield.

However, there were some Buzzfeed readers who defended Kardashian and condemned Buzzfeed for body-shaming Kardashian.

“I don’t get you guys posting about dealing with bullys [sic] when you are bullying her yourself. If you don’t like her, don’t cover her. It is not funny to be body-shamed. Stop being a bully,” claimed Aisyah Begum.

Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast also noted the body shaming and said that Kim Kardashian deserves our respect instead of being bullied.

“She is body- and slut-shamed left and right—even while pregnant during the VMAs. But the reality is that Kim Kardashian was never a ‘ho,’ and has always deserved your respect.”

Body-shaming celebrities such as Kim Kardashian has always been an issue, but it has been ramped up in the past couple of years. Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Lena Dunham, and many other female celebrities have found themselves in the headlines due to their bodies not looking perfect. It’s quite ironic that most of the body-shaming (at least in the media) is being done by other women, some who claim to be feminists.

In any case, Kim Kardashian is getting the last laugh. She has already passed Beyoncé with the most Instagram followers and continues to remain America’s top celebrity. Let’s face it: This is Kim Kardashian’s world and we are all just a part of it.

[Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images Entertainment]