Katie Rees Arrested: Former Miss Nevada USA Busted For Meth For Second Time In Two Months

Katie Rees doesn’t quite look as glamorous in her mugshot as she does on the pageant stage.

The former Miss Nevada USA winner, who was embroiled in a 2006 nude photo scandal that saw her stripped of her crown, was busted this week on five drug-related charges, including meth possession. It is now her second meth-related arrest in the last two months.

Rees was picked up this week after her boyfriend was pulled over for speeding, the Las Vegas Sun reported. A police report showed that officers smelled marijuana and asked the driver, Kevin “DJ Kulprit” Sims, if he had any weapons. When Sims hesitated, police put him in handcuffs and searched the car, where they allegedly found the drug GHB, some prescription drugs, and a substance that tested positive for meth.

They also found drug paraphernalia, including rolling papers and two smoking pipes.

Katie Rees was arrested after admitting to some drug user earlier in the day, but denied having knowledge of any other drugs in the car. Sims reportedly stuck up for her as well, telling police that she didn’t know about anything in the car.

This is the second drug-related arrest for Katie Rees in the past few months. Back in July, she was arrested on four felony charges related to meth. The Review-Journal reported that the 30-year-old former pageant winner was charged with “trafficking in a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act.”

Katie Rees has been in trouble stretching back to 2007, when illicit pictures emerged showing Rees exposing herself in a Florida nightclub.

Her rap sheet has grown from there. The following year she was charged with resisting arrest, and in 2009 her Louis Vuitton bag tested positive for meth and cocaine when Rees tried to travel to Sydney, Australia.

“I’m from Las Vegas, so you never know what the heck’s going to be around out there,” Rees said after being stopped. “And I thank gosh I don’t have anything on me, because I don’t do any sort of illegal activity, but Las Vegas apparently does.”

Katie Rees actually escaped that incident without being charged, but wasn’t so lucky with her latest legal troubles. She was being held on $9,000 bail and is now facing a handful of felony charges, including trafficking meth and GHB. If convicted she could face several years behind bars.

[Image via Clark County Detention Center]