‘Ray Donovan’ Star Liev Schreiber Opens Up About His Tough Emmy Competition And Season 3

With Showtime’s third season of Ray Donovan in full swing, Liev Schreiber sat down with the Wrap and discussed his recent Emmy nomination. Schreiber was nominated for the prestigious award for his role as the eponymous lead character in the series, and although he is appreciative of the nomination, he admitted that the Emmys are a bizarre concept to him.

“I struggle with the idea of comparing people’s work and art,” Schreiber stated. “The notion of giving awards or putting a competitive spin on something that is a relative art form is sort of odd to me. But I totally appreciate the acknowledgement.”

Although Ray Donovan has received plenty of critical praise in its first two seasons, Schreiber will be facing a tough field in the award ceremony. In regards to his competition, Schreiber stated that there are two actors who have a great shot at beating him out.

“Jon Hamm and Bob Odenkirk are the two most likely to win,” he revealed. “But I think it would make a lot of sense if Jon won. He’s done a lot of great work on [AMC’s Mad Men], he’s been on it for a while. Even Bob Odenkirk and Jeff Daniels are possible, frankly.”

Finding himself in the company of such talented individuals like Hamm and Odenkirk, Schreiber went on to add that he was surprised when he found out about his nomination.

“It was kind of a shock that I was even nominated,” he said.

Meanwhile, following Ann Biderman’s departure from the show after Season 2, many wondered if the series would be able to continue its stellar run. That being said, the new season has proved to be just as good if not better than previous ones. With half the season now over, what direction is the show going to take in the second half?

Although it is still unclear how the series will resolve certain issues, including Ray’s devolving situation with the Finneys and Mickey’s problems with the Armenians, it is clear that family will continue to be the focus.

Despite how things might turn out, the different storylines that currently seem disconnected should start to meld together in the coming episodes. That being said, how Ray chooses to navigate through the difficult problems he now faces will be key to how everything fits together.

While we eagerly wait to see if Schreiber takes home an Emmy award, Season 3 of Ray Donovan continues Sunday nights on Showtime.

[Image Courtesy: Showtime]