Josh Altman Comes Out Swinging, Hints ‘MDLLA’ Co-Stars Are Embarrassing

Josh Altman is back on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, and he is coming out swinging. The previous season of the show didn’t end on a happy note for Josh. Altman and Heather Bilyeu decided to call off their wedding, and the season ended without an answer as to whether they would even continue dating. So when this new season started, Altman was glad to reveal that they were still together, trying therapy, and working on making the relationship work.

Josh Altman’s relationship with Heather was in trouble because he was so focused on work. Altman would be present physically, but he would be thinking about work, deals, and selling. But now that Josh is back on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, he feels that it is only right to come out swinging in regards to his co-stars.

According to a new Bravo report, Josh Altman is now revealing that he is shocked that the Brits are still selling real estate. Of course, Altman is referring to James Harris and David Parnes.

“In real estate, it is rarely a good idea to have buyers face to face with each other. That’s called an uncontrolled environment. This was a very foolish move by the Brits to invite all the buyers to sit at the same table. Of course people are going to talk, and they set themselves up for disaster on this. Also just a side note– know your competition and the comps. The fact the Brits didn’t know what the house down the street was selling for per foot is embarrassing. I wonder if they will sell that house,” Altman explains in his blog.

It does sound like Josh Altman is building confidence by bringing other people down. And of course, he had to throw in a jab at Josh Flagg, who has been filming the show with him for years.

“It’s funny how over the years Flagg hasn’t changed at all. I feel bad for Jeeb, his co-list agent. Jeeb is an incredible realtor and on a whole different level than Flagg will ever be. I wonder if she knew what she was getting into,” Josh explains of co-star Josh Flagg, adding about his own life, “Heather and I are in an amazing place. Thank you everyone for being such amazing fans to us. We love meeting all of you all the time, whether it be on the road, at a conference, on social media, or anywhere else in the world. Keep selling the dream.”

The two have been working on their relationship. Josh has been taking more time off and spending time with Heather. The two now go hiking, and they make dinner together on set days of the week.

What do you think of Josh Altman bringing his co-stars down?

[Image / Screen Capture via Bravo]