June 29, 2017
Former 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Back Together With Former Fiance Whitney Bischoff?

Despite breaking up following the Season 19 finale of The Bachelor, it seems as though Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff might be rekindling their relationship. Is it possible that the two reality stars might find a way to make amends and start their relationship anew?

According to an Instagram post, Soules was recently in Chicago visiting with his former Bachelorette co-star Cody Sattler. Although this might not seem out of the ordinary for most people, Chicago just happens to where Bischoff lives and works. This means Soules' trip to the large city is either a coincidence or something else is going on behind the scenes.

Soules and Bischoff decided to call off their engagement shortly after the conclusion of The Bachelor. While Soules made his way back to his farm in Iowa following the breakup, Bischoff returned to Chicago, where she has been working as a fertility nurse and living under the radar.

Meanwhile, according to his Twitter posts, Chris Soules recently spent the night in Chicago with Sattler partying it up at the Vertigo Sky Lounge. Out of all the places the two could have gone, it is definitely interesting that they chose Chicago. The only question remaining is whether or not he and Bischoff had a rendezvous while he was visiting the Windy City.

Following the couple's public breakup, both reality stars refused to reveal the reasons why they decided to end things. That being said, some speculated that Soules had cheated on Bischoff with his Dancing with the Stars partner, Witney Carson.

Furthermore, it is now clear that Soules is more interested in his own fame than he ever was in his relationship with Bischoff, which could have been another reason the couple split. In fact, while Bischoff retired to Chicago and has lived a relatively quiet life since being on the show, Soules has been actively seeking media attention.

In light of everything that has happened between the two, it probably is not very likely that Soules will able to win back Bischoff's heart. Even if the former reality star was in Chicago making an effort to be with Bischoff, he'll have to do more than just show up at her front door to get her back.

Whatever happens between the two, they will both likely keep things secret for as long as they can manage. With that in mind, neither Whitney Bischoff nor Chris Soules have officially addressed the rumors.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]