Alexandra Kutas: Disabled Model To Make Fashion Week Debut, Even Though She Can’t Walk

Alexandra Kutas is set to make her debut at the Ukraine Fashion Week next month. However, what will make the 21-year-old different from her peers is that she is paraplegic and unable to walk.

Kutas has been paralyzed since she was born, after she suffered a spinal cord injury during her birth. Kutas has explained, via the Daily Mail, that she originally became interested in acting at the age of 16 after she was spotted by a photographer.

“I was first interested in the idea of becoming a model when I was 16. I was spotted by a photographer when I was in a cafe one day and she invited me to do a shoot — I was so inspired and realised that modeling was what I wanted to do.”

Alexandra Kutas will feature as part of a number of exhibitions at Ukraine Fashion Week, while she will also work as a hostess at the hugely popular event, too.

Earlier this summer, Alexandra Kutas was part of Break Your Chains, which was a photography exhibition by Andrey Sarymsakov, that looked to touch upon the stigma about disabilites.

She hopes that this will lead to her getting further fashion jobs, which she will then balance with her other job as a physiologist.

Kutas also works extensively to try and improve wheelchair facilities around Ukraine, too, as she explained, “Ukraine is not very accessible for wheelchair users — I think if I became a model I would have a platform to help others, too.”

Kutas, who hails from Kiev, Ukraine, has insisted that this is only the beginning, though, as she has huge plans to become a bona-fide model on her own terms, and she won’t stop her disability from stopping her dreams come true.

Kutas wants her success to pave the path for other models that other suffer from disabilities, too.

“Because of birth injury I could never walk and have always been in wheelchair. But I’m hoping that Ukraine Fashion Week will be a chance to meet designers and voice my own concepts. I have so many ideas about using model with disabilities and I have an idea of how it should look.”

You can check out further pictures of Alexandra Kutas courtesy of her Facebook page.

[Image via photomak/Shutterstock]