‘Jaws’ And ‘Back To The Future’ Reboots May Be On The Way

Potential reboots of several major Universal franchises, including both Jaws and Back To The Future, may be on the way, according to a new report regarding Steven Spielberg’s future plans.

The news comes almost as an aside from the Hollywood Reporter. In a report published on September 2, the news outlet discussed the possibility that Spielberg’s DreamWorks will part with Disney after their current deal expires in August, 2016. They assert that the last film released as a part of the current arrangement will be next year’s The BFG, based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name.

The report also claims that Spielberg’s likely new home is Universal, where he has kept his offices despite distribution deals with Paramount and then Disney. Universal Filmed Entertainment chairman Jeff Shell is said to be establishing terms with DreamWorks for a potential deal, and as a longtime associate of the director points out, the newer generation in Hollywood is “coming to terms with Steven’s desire to make quality movies at whatever price.”

In their report, the Hollywood Reporter casually mentions that Spielberg is “key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as Jaws and Back to the Future.” While it is important to note that nothing has been officially announced regarding either film, as Yahoo! News points out, there may be two distinctly different cases regarding the potential to re-ignite each franchise.

When it comes to Back To The Future, the possibility of a reboot seems extremely unlikely. The director and co-writer of the iconic trilogy, Robert Zemeckis, recently asserted that it would never be remade as long as he and producer/co-writer Bob Gale are alive. The original contract they signed with Spielberg reportedly gave them final say over such a possibility. Jaws, however, may be an entirely different matter altogether.

Spielberg famously got his big break with Jaws in 1975, yet he declined to have any involvement in the film’s sequels. Those movies are now widely regarded as poorly conceived attempts to keep the series going, and as such, the franchise could be ripe for a reboot. The original film, however, is considered one of the most beloved of all time, recently celebrating its 40th anniversary with a limited theatrical re-release.

With several of the main cast having passed on in the years since, Jaws may be an interesting property for the studio to reboot, yet fans will have to watch closely to see what form the future of DreamWorks takes.

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images]