WWE News: Big Update On Sting’s Next ‘RAW’ And Stone Cold Podcast Appearances

For the first time in WWE history, Sting opened and closed Monday Night RAW. The Stinger was treated with an uproar of cheers from an otherwise lackluster crowd in Tampa, Florida. Behind Sting’s promo was the idea that he respected Triple H, but doesn’t respect Seth Rollins. For those that didn’t watch WWE RAW, Rollins is facing Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Night of Champions.

Another wild note includes Sting showing up on WWE television two weeks in a row. Normally, Sting is a special act, so he works a similar schedule to Brock Lesnar. Even Sting doesn’t show as much as the Beast Incarnate. However, since he is wrestling for the WWE title, he is needed on WWE TV. At least, that’s the common perception.

WWE usually goes against the grain, which is happening next week already. According to Cageside Seats and PW Insider, Sting isn’t scheduled for WWE RAW next week. Although that bad news is disheartening for the overall storyline, Sting will appear on the WWE Network in October. Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Sting could be a guest on the Stone Cold Podcast.

Stone Cold Podcast

With Night of Champions taking place in later this month, why would Sting appear on Stone Cold’s podcast without a match to promote? This development has the opening for speculation that Sting’s match against Seth Rollins might not be his only bout in 2015. Of course, the Undertaker is also rumored to be a guest on Austin’s show, as well. Does this confirm Sting and the Undertaker?

All jokes aside, having Sting on WWE television is only a positive thing for both parties. WWE fans, even the quieter crowds, love seeing the wrestling legend entertain them. He also helps ratings, which need to improve. Bleacher Report put out an interesting article, stating that Sting deserves to win a WWE title.

Is that an accurate portrayal of what Sting has done for the professional wrestling industry? Sting is to WCW as the Undertaker is to the WWE. Both men made an enormous impact on the industry and by using that logic, Sting does deserve to win a WWE championship. There are caveats in that logic.

First, if Sting wins the WWE championship, that throws away the “win-loss” record of meaning anthing. He’s 0-1 in the WWE, and would win a WWE title in his second match. Two, if Sheamus cashes in and wins, that means Sting has to appear at Hell in a Cell to work with Sheamus. It just doesn’t add up, but WWE fans would love to see Sting hold the gold.

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