Tom Brady Suspension Overturned: Is This The Official End Of Deflategate? [Breaking]

Tom Brady’s four-game suspension has been overturned in federal court. According to WHDH, Judge Richard Berman decided that the NFL was in the wrong for punishing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Deflategate scandal without having proper evidence proving that the quarterback or the team broke any official rules.

This all started when Brady was accused of tampering with the air pressure in the footballs used during the AFC East Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts back in January. The NFL was notified of “deflated footballs” that had less air in them than what regulation allowed. Claims that Brady worked with two ball handlers to deflate the footballs to make them easier to handle were made, and the NFL didn’t hesitate when it came to consequences. The NFL, however, never actually had concrete evidence that these footballs were deflated.

Tom Brady denied breaking the rules and said that the footballs that he used were not tampered with, to his knowledge. He fought his suspension earlier this summer, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld it after a couple of behind-the-scenes meetings. Goodell is not very well-liked man in Foxborough, to say the least.

Weeks ago, Brady decided to take this case to court, and after weeks of back and forth, Brady has learned that he has won the case.

According to, Judge Berman made the decision after the NFL and Brady couldn’t reach a settlement. Many believe that Brady did the right thing by holding the NFL off and allowing the judge to decide his fate.

“The decision came after multiple attempts at settlement between Brady, his council, the NFL Players Association and the NFL. On Monday, Berman dismissed both sides after just a few minutes after realizing they were too far apart to reach a settlement.”

But is this the end of Deflategate? Maybe, maybe not. The NFL can file an appeal in the coming days, but it is unknown if they will decide to keep this going.

Meanwhile, New England Patriots fans are rejoicing this morning, and all are excited to see #12 suited up and on the field for the first home game of the season on September 10. Not to mention, Brady will be on hand when the Super Bowl banner is raised in the stadium!

You can bet that the fans at Gillette Stadium will be in the best of spirits at tonight’s preseason game. The jubilation will be undeniably electric.

Do you think Judge Berman made the right decision?

[Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images Sport]