Was Amal Clooney Directed ‘AP’ Tweet Truly ‘Sexist?’ George Buys The Pub A Round

Amal Clooney is a hot topic most of the time. However, most recently, the human rights lawyer is making headlines due to being slighted and “downgraded” by the Associated Press. Fortune Magazinerecalls the move by the AP, which has brought the news publication under fire.

“In an effort to promote its story on three Al-Jazeera journalists being tried for allegedly aiding a terrorist organization, the AP wrote that Clooney is representing one of the men. The problem? Rather than identifying her as a distinguished human rights lawyer, the tweet ID’ed her as ‘actor’s wife.’ “

The AP was faced with backlash from the Twitterverse and was quick to attempt to right its wrong by following up the initial controversial tweet with one that made no mention of George Clooney.

Although the reliable news source was timely in coming to the realization that it had erred by posting that tweet, which demeaned Amal Clooney’s status as a high-profile human rights lawyer, the claims that the tweet was, in itself, “sexist,” should be reevaluated. Kristen Bellstrom of Fortune Magazine shares an interesting take on the matter, and reminds that often certain wording is used by news sites and sources in order to attract the most readers.

“I don’t think the problem here is simply sexism. While I’ll never be able to go inside the head of the AP employee who wrote that tweet, as a digital media writer and editor, I can speak to the mindset of the online newsroom. Today, most journalism organizations are laser focused on getting clicks. And when it comes to attracting the most attention on Twitter… there’s no contest between name-checking an actor vs. a lawyer—the celebrity will win every time. That’s also a likely explanation for why George Clooney isn’t mentioned in the AP story itself.”

The publication also notes that even when the tables are turned, and it is the woman who holds the celebrity name next to a successful business man husband or significant other, this sort of headline is less frequent, but there are still cases of it occurring. All that aside, the AP was obviously out of line to make mention of George in a tweet which was solely focusing on Amal’s tremendous efforts.

As for the celebrity husband, who Amal Clooney’s name was belittled in place of, well, he’s keeping busy ensuring that the world knows about his tequila brand. Amal and George celebrated the launch of the tequila brand with a lavish party in Ibiza last week, and since have journeyed back to their British dwelling to make a visit to their favorite local pub in the area. The Bull Inn was described by the star as “the greatest pub in the world,” so it definitely makes sense that he’d start there with his promotions of the brand.

The Daily Mail relays how George made a very personal and attractive offer to his local pub patrons, in order for them to have a taste of his tequila.

“Locals say when George and Amal had dinner at the pub, he offered to buy fellow diners drinks so they could provide feedback.”

That would be a surreal way to enjoy a Saturday night!

[Photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images]