Dog Learns To Run Again After Being Paralyzed And Left To Die In A Car Accident [Video]

A dog who was hit by a car and left to die in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, has somehow managed to learn to run all over again, thanks to his indomitable spirit and some help from a non-governmental organization.

Lawson, a dog living on the streets of Istanbul, was hit by a car just as he was rummaging through scraps of food on a busy crossing in the heart of Turkey's capital city. Even as the dog writhed in agony, the bystanders present at the scene of the accident refused to act, while the man who had hit the dog with his car promptly rushed away. Lawson's legs were completely destroyed as a result of the accident.

Dog who was left to die after the car accident learns to run again
A paralyzed Lawson a few days after the accident (Picture: He'Art of Rescue)

Lying paralyzed on the road for days, the dog faced the prospect of death from starvation. According to eyewitness accounts via the Dodo, while most passing pedestrians sympathized with the dog, no one intervened, diminishing whatever little chances Lawson had of survival.

Fortunately, just as Lawson verged on death, a good Samaritan finally decided to take the all-important step and carried the dog to a nearby shelter. When the dog reached the shelter, the vets were uncertain of his chances of survival but nonetheless did their best to save the dog from an untimely death.

In the days to follow, Lawson not only managed to better his health but even began to limp, although his hind legs were still not functional because of the high impact the car's fenders had made at the time of the accident. But the vets were amazed at the dog's determination to do his best during the entire tenure of his recuperation.

According to Discovery, this past week, Lawson finally started to run again with the help of a wheeling device that holds his limp back legs up. The vets at the shelter have thanked all kinds of people for saving the life of this dog, including little children who came forward to help with donations for Lawson's rescue.

Remarkably, now that Lawson has a become a mini-celebrity in Istanbul, people from all walks of life are coming forward to adopt him too. Even social media seems to have graced this little dog who was left to die not only a few weeks ago. The shelter, which has helped Lawson get back on his feet, has still not commented on whether it intends to part ways with the dog just yet.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

[Photo by Deviantart / Creative Commons]