‘Dance Moms’ Suspect Was Also Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

The San Diego man arrested for sending pornographic items and packages to an underage Dance Moms star was arrested and is being held on $25k bail. He was booked for sending explicit or obscene matter to a minor, according to TMZ.

The accused, 36-year-old Phoenix Sundown (whose face is covered with tattoos, resembling the Joker from Batman), and according to the Dance Moms rep, he started harassing the child two months ago on the internet. TMZ is also reporting that Sundown has served time in prison and a mental hospital, and has had violent fantasies about female celebrities, namely Lindsay Lohan.

“During counseling there… doctors discovered Sundown had several photos of women with red pen and wax markings on their breasts and crotches. One collage showed a Lindsay Lohan pic with trails of red dripping on her body, and Sundown holding a long knife over her.”


On Tuesday, the bomb squad was called to explode suspicious packages with a water canon sent to a Dance Moms star. While there were no explosives, the packages were found to include child pornography. According to Perez Hilton, the messages were about kidnapping and rape, and mentioned Elizabeth Smart.

“Apparently, the middle-aged man was arrested back in 2007 for assaulting his 18-year-old girlfriend — he was eventually sentenced to 3 years behind bars but was moved to a hospital once diagnosed with a mental disorder. It’s reported he even had a creepy (and violent) obsession over Lindsay Lohan at the time.”


The New York Daily News is reporting that Sundown has started giving jailhouse interviews, saying he has sent things in the mail to other celebrities for their birthdays.

“I never thought of them being serious,” he said. “I would never harm any children. I’ve never had sex with other children.”

Sundown claims he wanted to contact the Dance Moms star because he has always enjoyed the photos posted on her Instagram account.


In the past, Phoenix Sundown has been transferred to a mental facility after a short time in prison, and released. As of today, he has not made bail, and will be held until trial.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan and the Dance Moms star should be concerned about Phoenix Sundown?

[Photo courtesy of Tim Whitby/Getty Images]