Melissa Rivers Continues to Follow Mother’s Last Wishes

It may be a year since Joan Rivers died, but her daughter Melissa Rivers is still following her last wishes. One of those was for her housekeeping staff, makeup team, and hair team to remain employed and cared for after her death. They were not left any of her $150 million fortune.

The comedian and host of Fashion Police cared about those who worked for her, considering them family. She has become their guardian angel, and her daughter explained that they had had a conversation before her death last year. Of course, it has raised questions from some who want to know why she never left them any of her fortune if she considered them family.

Melissa said that she continues to follow her mother’s wishes. Not all of that revolves around money, with some of the friends and staff members being given an inheritance. Jocelyn Pickett was left with Joan’s dogs, for example, according to New York Daily News. Melissa does it because she is a “good daughter.”

According to an anonymous source, those who worked for Joan were given a good salary, with their healthcare and children’s college funds covered. Their jobs were guaranteed for life in Joan’s eyes, and her daughter is now seeing that it continues. Staff members still receive their health benefits, and the new co-host of Fashion Police has not grumbled once.

The news comes at the same time as Melissa Rivers has finally been able to scatter Joan’s ashes. She chose Wyoming, where she goes every summer. She wanted to scatter her mother somewhere she would visit every year, and Wyoming is a place for the family to be together every August.

Joan Rivers died on September 4, 2014, after undergoing what was supposed to be a routine operation. While on the table, her heart stopped, and she was left in a coma after doctors resuscitated her. She never recovered, and died days later. Many have asked Melissa what she will do on the anniversary of her mother’s death tomorrow, but she prefers to not think about it too much. She wants to move forward and preserve Joan’s legacy, according to USA Today.

The 47-year-old was left in charge of the $150 million fortune. Some of the funds have been distributed to various Jewish charities, which is something else Joan had requested. There have been other charities in New York that have received donations, with other parts of the inheritance going to designated people. Melissa continues to fulfill her mother’s wishes, while taking over hosting duties on Fashion Police.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]