iPad Mini 4 Expected Launch Early September, But Will It Be Better Than The Previous iPad Mini? [Video]

The iPad mini 4 will most likely be introduced at Apple’s Fall event on September 9 in San Francisco. So, what can we expect, and will it be different than the iPad mini 3?

More than likely, the fourth-generation iPad mini will closely resemble the iPad Air 2, yet be a bit smaller and lighter. Not only that, it is rumored to have many of the same features as the iPad Air 2.

The iPad mini is expected to be 6.1 mm thick, which is the same as the iPad Air 2. Also, the iPad mini 4 will come equipped with the same 8-megapixel rear-facing iSight camera.

The iPad mini 4 will have a laminated 7.9-inch display and anti-reflective coating, which will allow the tablet to be used in direct sunlight. The laminated display will provide “more vivid colors and greater contrast,” according to a statement put out by Apple.

A recent report by International Business Times suggests that the iPad Mini 4 will be powered either by Apple A9 or the A8X processor. Which one, however, is yet to be confirmed.

Also rumored and not yet confirmed, the iPad mini 4 will have the same Split View multitasking feature and 2GB RAM, same as the iPad Air 2. iOS 9, Apple’s updated iOS, will certainly be included in the iPad mini 4, as well as the Touch ID, LTE support, and 16/32/64/128 storage capacity.

Mac Rumors gives a sneak peek at what they think the new iPad mini will look like.

Also from Mac Rumors, the iPad mini 4 release will bring good news to Apple customers as it will have significant enhancements over its predecessor, the iPad mini 3. The iPad mini 3 was introduced in 2014 with a lackluster response from Apple fans, as it was short of any real changes from the previous iPad mini.

The only additional features included in iPad mini 3 was the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a gold color option. This was hardly anything to get excited about, so rumors quickly circulated about a 2015 new generation iPad mini release.

Now, the early rumors have been confirmed as this new version of the iPad mini set to be released will, in fact, be a significant improvement.

Apple intends to introduce it alongside the iPad Pro at the upcoming September event. However, an earlier Inquisitr article reports the iPad mini may not be released until sometime in October.

The Apple September launch event will be held September 9 in San Francisco at the Bill Graham auditorium.

Apple may or may not be introducing a new iPad mini at this particular event but, either way, expect to see the next-generation iPad mini in stores by November. Also expected to be launched September 9 are new Macs, an updated version of Apple TV, and next-generation iPhones in addition to the unconfirmed iPad mini 4.

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