Tori Spelling Files Lawsuit Against Benihana Restaurant After Slip And Fall Accident

Actress and author Tori Spelling filed a lawsuit against against Benihana after an April slip and fall accident into a grill at the restaurant's Encino, California, location, left her with serious burns.

Entertainment Tonight (ET) reports that Spelling, 42, was at Benihanas on Easter Sunday, having dinner with her family when she reportedly tripped and landed on a hot hibachi grill. Court documents indicate that the Beverly Hills 90210 actress received second and third degree burns, and suffered "suffered general damage, medical expenses, and wage loss."

Spelling was spotted several times since April, sporting a bandage over her right arm. When she wasn't wearing the bandage, her skin was visibly red and blotched, resulting in questions from fans about her health.

Eyewitnesses who were at the restaurant the day in question indicated that Spelling was having dinner with her husband, Dean McDermott, along with their children. As she was getting up to leave, she somehow tripped and slipped, said one of the witnesses.

"She got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards on to a scorching hot grill. She shouted out in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm. You could tell she was hurting, but she was trying to put on a brave face for the sake of her four young children who were quite obviously worried. Dean looked upset too, but you could tell they were doing their best to stay calm and not alarm the children."
The next day, Spelling visited her physician, who promptly sent her to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California. After having a skin graft performed, the actress now has a permanent red splotch on her arm.

So far, there is no indication as to how or why Spelling took a nasty spill that landed her on a hibachi grill, but court documents state that she's blaming the Benihana Corporation for her accident, not just the Encino, California, location.

A recent Instagram photo shows Spelling with her right, lower arm wrapped in a bandage.

Tori Spelling

Meanwhile, Spelling dealt with other skin issues last month after having skin treatment done at the Calabasas Medical Spa. She was seen leaving the spa with huge, red blotches across her face. According to Miami dermatologist, Dr. Barry Resnick, however, there's no need for fans to worry.

"At first glance, it appears that she had a fracitional CO2 laser treatment. She has the dot-patterned appearance that we see with this procedure. It is common to get red and inflamed after this treatment."
Tori Spelling seems to be healing fine from both skin issues. Her recent Instagram photos indicate she's healthy and well, enjoying time with her children.

[Photos Courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images & Instagram]