Vincent Cassel Announced As ‘Bourne 5’ Villain

Vincent Cassel has been announced as the new Bourne 5 villain.

As reported by Variety, Vincent Cassel’s casting is one of several recent announcements concerning the next installment of the Bourne franchise. Plot details for Bourne 5 are still very much under wraps, with the film going into production this week, but Damon did make reference to the “post-Snowden” world in which the film is set. He also revealed shoots will take place in Greece and Las Vegas. Inquisitr has the full article here.

Cassel joins Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander and Julia Stiles on an impressive cast list. Paul Greengrass will be returning as director and will also co-write the script with Christopher Rouse. Frank Marshall also returns as producer alongside Jeffrey Weiner, Greg Goodman and Ben Smith.

French actor Cassel, 48, is known for his tough guy roles and will step into the shoes of a deadly assassin that is tracking Jason Bourne. Details are yet to be confirmed, but he follows a slew of actors who play assassins in the franchise, including Clive Owen (The Professor in The Bourne Identity), Karl Urban (Kirill in The Bourne Supremacy) and Edgar Ramirez (Paz in The Bourne Ultimatum). Other characters are yet to be announced, and there could be more castings made in due course, but it seems Greengrass and Damon are returning to a tried and tested formula, one that birthed an impressive trilogy of movies and established an immensely popular franchise.

Cassel should find his feet pretty easily. The actor is no stranger to an antagonist role, having played François Toulour in Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), Jacques Mesrine in Mesrine (2008), and LaRoche in Derailed (2005). He came to prominence in films such as Le Haine (1995), Dobermann (1997), and Irréversible (2002). The actor is also well known for his roles in Eastern Promises (2007), Black Swan (2010), Trance (2013), and Child 44 (2015).

The Bourne franchise currently consists of four films – The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. Damon stepped aside for the fourth film, The Bourne Legacy, which starred Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, a black ops agent who is exposed and put in danger by Jason Bourne’s actions in the third film. Renner is still attached to the franchise and will reprise his role as Aaron Cross in the future. On a total budget of $370 million, the Bourne franchise has grossed $1.221 billion at the box office.

Bourne 5 will open in the UK and US on July 29, 2016.

[Image – Warner Bros]