Donald Trump Rumor Exposed: Never Claimed ‘I Would Have Owned Ben Carson 150 Years Ago’

A Facebook group entitled “Stop the World, the Teabaggers Want Off” posted a picture of Donald Trump on September 1, claiming that the real estate mogul said he would have owned retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson 150 years ago. However, these allegations have been proven false.

The Facebook post, which shows a meme quoting Trump, was edited and fabricated from the true quote that Trump made about Carson last week during a South Carolina event.


In fact, CNN reports that Trump, who considers Carson a friend, actually stated that he wouldn’t “hit” against Carson since the doctor has been extremely nice to him.

“I cannot hit him. He’s been so nice to me.”

The Facebook group that posted the fake quote clearly states that the group page is for entertainment purposes only, yet it didn’t stop the rumor from spreading quickly across the Internet.

“This page is for entertainment purposes. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It is primarily satire and parody with a mix of political memes and messages.”

Even without proof, numerous people commented that they believed Trump did indeed say that he would have owned Carson 150 years ago. Carson, a black male, is a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

DES MOINES, IA - AUGUST 16: Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson (C) speaks during church services at Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church on August 16, 2015 in Des Moines , Iowa. Ben Carson attended Sunday church services before campaigning at the Iowa State Fair. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Trump did in fact have his reservations about a physician running for president. He recently stated that although he respects Carson and the work he’s done in the medical field, he doesn’t think that a doctor is the best choice for president.

“I think it’s a very difficult situation that he’d be placed in. He’s really a friend of mine, I just think it’s a very difficult situation that he puts himself into, to have a doctor who wasn’t creating jobs and would have a nurse or maybe two nurses. It’s such a different world. I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs over the years.”

Regardless, Carson is gaining momentum in the presidential race. The New York Times reports that he’s now tied with Trump in leading the latest two national GOP polls. Part of Carson’s rising popularity is his unchanging, clear views on social issues, including abortion.

“It is up to us, the people, to stand up for what we believe in, and what I believe in is life, and using the talent that God has provided to give life.”

Meanwhile, Trump, who once declared himself “pro-choice,” now states that he is against abortion after witnessing a friend contemplate the issue.

Since his announcement to run for president, Donald Trump has been victim to numerous other false quotes, including the bogus story that he intended to build a wall around New Mexico.

[Photos Courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Jason Davis/Getty Images, & Facebook]