Amanda Peterson Suffered Overdose, Died From ‘Morphine Effect’

Actress Amanda Peterson reportedly suffered a fatal drug overdose, which led to her death in early July.

TMZ reports that the Can’t Buy Me Love star consumed a fatal combination of drugs.

The Weld County Coroner found numerous prescription drugs in the Colorado resident’s system – including anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications in addition to opiates and marijuana.

According to the filed toxicology report, Amanda Peterson told someone that she took morphine medication nearly one week before she died. The former child star was reportedly self-medicating for pain management.

“One of the drugs in her system, Gabapentin, was prescribed for pain and the medical examiner said she had 6 times the normal level in her system. The report says Peterson was ‘naive to opiates.'”

TMZ reports that the “morphine effect” – a condition that can lead to the failure of a person’s respiratory system – was listed as the reason why she died. Shortly after the reports of her death were confirmed, People magazine confirmed that Amanda Peterson was arrested multiple times between 2000 and 2012.

For instance, she was arrested in 2000, 2003 and spent nearly three months incarcerated in 2005.

In March 2010, Amanda Peterson was arrested after getting into a fight with another woman in Fort Collins. She was reportedly charged with third-degree assault.

The report further states that her most recent arrest occurred in May 2012 when she was charged with possession of narcotic equipment as well as a DUI.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Amanda’s mother Sylvia opened up about her daughter and the last time that she spoke with her.

“Amanda was in very good spirits… This was not, in any way, a drug thing.”

She also discussed some of her Amanda’s final moments – including plans that the two of them made together.

“She was in bed, and she’d had a wonderful day, and we were planning on a dinner the next day.”

Sylvia admitted that Amanda Peterson suffered from a drug problem when she was younger, but had been clean and sober for quite some time. She further explained that while Amanda did not suffer from any major heart problems, she did struggle with sleep apnea and depression.

To honor Amanda Peterson, quite a few celebrities shared tributes via Twitter – including Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda’s Can’t Buy Me Love co-star Patrick Dempsey.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]