Stepmom Accused Of Forcing Boy To Swallow Peroxide

An Oklahoma stepmom is accused of child abuse, along with her husband, after the child’s biological mother alerted authorities in Cyril to a variety of claims. KFOR News 4 reports that Tamara and Tony Zeno are behind bars on charges of child abuse and neglect, among others.

KOKO News reports that the mother of the unnamed 10-year-old child alerted authorities when she observed what appeared to be signs of being abused. The mother, who is not being identified in media reports, told authorities that her son had visited his father and his stepmother from June to August, during which time he appeared to lose enough weight to cause him to look far thinner than he had been prior to the visit. On top of this, the child had reportedly told his mother that he was abused by both his stepmom and his biological father over the course of the two months that he stayed with them.

The 10-year-old boy told his mother that Tamara Zeno and his father used zip ties to secure him to a chair before making him swallow hydrogen peroxide and soap. The child also allegedly told his mother that his stepmom and father beat him with a golf club. The child also alleges that his biological father Tony Zeto choked him at least once over the course of the two months of abuse he reportedly endured.

Tamara Zeno is an employee at Cyril High School where she teaches English, Speech, and Drama. The Superintendent of the high school told media sources that the Oklahoma woman has been a “model employee” for the past three years of her employment. The school district has also released a statement regarding the allegations against her.

“We are shocked to learn of the allegations of child abuse from a model employee for the past 3 years. There is no history of concerns from students.”

Neighbors of the Oklahoma school teacher are also shocked. Tom Johnson ( a neighbor) spoke to media reporters about the case.

“I had no idea there as anything like that. Most of the people in the neighborhood seem like really nice people. I’m really shocked.”

The 10-year-old child is currently back in the custody of his biological mother who lives in Colorado. Meanwhile, Tony and Tamara Zeno remain jailed. Authorities have indicated that both the stepmom and her husband were arrested at the police station during an interrogation. However, there is no confirmation on whether or not any evidence compliments the 10-year-old boy’s claims.

[Photo: Cyril Police mugshots]