Indiana Dad Allegedly Zip-Tied Toddler Before Beating Her

An Indiana dad has been arrested after authorities claim he violently abused his three-year-old daughter. HLN News reports that 25-year-old James Collings is currently jailed on charges of battery causing bodily injury, and is expected to appear in court at the beginning of October. Meanwhile, the toddler is recovering from what authorities have indicated to be an ongoing series of beatings. The details of this story are heartbreaking, and more could make their way to the media as this case is still under investigation.

Police in Scottsburg allege that Collings used zip ties to restrain his daughter before beating her several times over a course of an undetermined amount of time. Meanwhile, authorities are stating that her injuries appear to be “serious and suspicious,” but they won’t elaborate on the types of injuries she sustained. WDRB News reports that the abuse came to light when the unnamed toddler was taken to the hospital to treat some of her injuries. A tip from hospital workers alerted the authorities, who began investigating the case on August 13.

The Indiana dad admits to abusing his daughter on multiple occasions after becoming upset, according to state police. A spokesperson for the Indiana State Police, Sgt. Jerry Gooden, revealed that the father confessed under interrogation to some of the abuse.

“As the detective spoke to the father of the child, he was able to learn that on several occasions, the father had tied the child up with zip ties and, on at least one occasion, the father had struck the child with a belt buckle.”

A neighbor who knows the family claims that she never saw anything suspicious about the two children who lived in the home. Meanwhile, authorities aren’t sharing any information about the mother of the abused tot, but they have confirmed that more charges could come as their investigation continues. In other words, it’s not known at this time if the mother was involved in the alleged abuse, or if she is also a victim of abuse. Authorities are continuing to investigate this case to determine exactly what happened.

As for the three-year-old victim in this case, authorities will not deny or confirm whether or not she’s still hospitalized as a result of the abuse she suffered. However, they have confirmed that the child is not in the custody of her mother or any other family member. She is in state custody while this investigation continues.

[Photo: Indiana State Police mugshot]