McDonald's Worker Dragged By The Hair Through Drive-Thru Window [Video]

A 16-year-old McDonald's employee in Louisiana was allegedly pulled by her hair through the drive-thru window by a female customer and then beaten by several others in the parking lot, according to local police.

Perhaps giving a new meaning to "takeout" order, the disturbing assault at the drive-up window at the fast-food restaurant near New Orleans in St. John the Baptist Parish was captured on cell phone video and uploaded to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

See clip embedded below.

Police today arrested four females, three of whom are teens, in the violent drive-thru incident, which occurred last Wednesday evening. The suspects are reportedly cooperating with detectives who are investigating.

Apparently, the victim and the suspects were acquainted with each other, although a specific motive for the drive-thru attack has yet to be officially established, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. "The victim told authorities that a girl got out of a car, opened the drive-through window where she was working and began punching her. The attacker pulled the victim through the window and continued to punch her. The victim said others in the car also hit her."

The New York Daily News offered further detail about the alleged McDonald's drive-thru melee.

"The 30-second clip, shot by a car passenger, shows a woman and the worker having an inaudible dispute at the drive-thru window. It suddenly escalates when the woman leaps at the window and, while screaming 'Get in, get in!,' grabs the worker's scalp and hoists her through the window like a bag of fries. The passenger screams after the worker gets dropped into the car, and appears to call her violent friend 'Quita' in the ensuing hysteria. The parking lot beatdown was not recorded."
Providing information on today's arrest, the Smoking Gun reported that "Police today announced the arrest of Kailin Holland, 17, for felony battery...Holland, who is accused of pulling the victim through the drive-thru window, was released from jail on a $10,000 bond." Authorities charged two other teens for misdemeanor simple battery and a 20-year-old with disturbing the peace.
Sheriff Mike Tregre said that the suspects fled the scene in their car after allegedly punching the McDonald's worker. The 16-year-old declined treatment by first responders, so apparently she was not seriously hurt.

Over the last year or two, violent incidents have occurred at the fast-food drive-thru, McDonald's, or at another franchise outlet, although usually involving irate customers who weren't "happy" with their meal.

In February 2014, for example, a Michigan woman who received the wrong fast-food order twice allegedly fired a shot at the McDonald's drive-thru window.

Elsewhere, one man smashed the drive-thru window with an axe when he received cold McDonald's French fries. In another occurrence, a plain-clothes cop pulled a gun on a drive-thru slow poke. Separately, a Dunkin' Donuts employee was pistol whipped after he made a mistake on a drive-thru order. In separate encounter, a man suffered a "meltdown" at a Wendy's drive-thru window when he received a cheeseburger rather than a hamburger. In November 2013, a man allegedly groped a female Arby's drive-thru worker as she handed him his food at the window. Police managed to apprehend the man by following a trail of curly fries and sauce.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]