‘The Walking Dead: Road To Survival’ Game’s Viral Campaign Worked, 4 Million Downloads Already

It seems Robert Kirkman is onto another winner with his Walking Dead franchise. This time it is the Skybound Entertainment and Scopely game collaboration, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Since it was released on August 27, 2015 after a very successful viral campaign, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has been downloaded over 4 million times.

In a recent interview with Comic Book, Scopely’s Jori Pearsall spoke about why it was so important to go with a viral launch of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

“When you think about the types of games we’re trying to make, I think the industry has shifted a lot. This is going to be a service that we’re going to be delivering to our fans and to our players for three-plus years to come, so establishing that momentum and setting the stage that this isn’t a throwaway product that you’re going to play for a few days and then forget about. This is something that’s going to be around for a long time to come and is going to be a AAA game, we wanted to give it a AAA release.”

“You’re also seeing your ability to get momentum and visibility in the App Store is requiring a larger and larger effort these days and when you bring together an integrated launch campaign and tie it all together, the reach that you can get is a step function larger than if you’d slowly set it out there and waited to see what happens.”

The full press release from Scopely can be viewed below.

“Mobile Game Garners More Than 4 Million Downloads Since Launch;

“Becomes Scopely’s Third App in the Top 100 Grossing Charts and Sixth Consecutive #1 Game”

“The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, the first official free-to-play Walking Dead game from premier touchscreen entertainment network Scopely, Robert Kirkman and Skybound has skyrocketed to the Top 25 Grossing Games charts on iOS devices in 27 countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Canada and Brazil, amongst others. Scopely now has three games simultaneously in the Top 100 Grossing Apps charts, with two of its most recent launches hitting the Top 25 Grossing.”

“The Walking Dead: Road to Survival hit #1 atop the App Store’s all Free Apps and Google Play’s “Top Free Games” rankings, making it the fastest core game to reach the #1 spot on the Apple App Store and Google Play store this year. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, racked up more than one million downloads in 24 hours at launch, and quickly became a Top 10 Free Game in 100 countries around the world.”

“The mobile game landscape is evolving and Scopely is successfully navigating the delicate balance between building and operating a great game and reaching the widest number of engaged players,” said Walter Driver, CEO and co-founder, Scopely. “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival launch marks the first in a series of core strategy and role-playing games coming to the Scopely portfolio. Our approach is to build a portfolio of highly differentiated touchscreen entertainment experiences that become deeper and richer the more time players invest in them. To put the scale of this launch in context, more people played The Walking Dead: Road to Survival than saw the top-grossing global box office hit Straight Outta Compton this weekend. We are excited to continuously bring the best of the graphic novel universe to The Walking Dead fans with Road to Survival.”

“For the first time in a The Walking Dead game, Scopely has introduced a constantly evolving, live world involving a global community of fans, friends and gamers battling each other for resources and fame. Scopely is committed to continuously improving the experience for fans, and The Walking Dead: Road to Survival already has more than a year of new content planned, including competitions,characters, and other game enhancements.”

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices. To learn more about The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, please visit the official YouTube channel and follow #RoadtoSurvival on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have you downloaded The Walking Dead: Road to Survival yet? If so, what do you think of it? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: Scopely and Skybound Entertainment]