This Person Texted The Wrong Number But Ended Up Receiving Some Pretty Sound Advice

There are a number of posts about wrong number text messages. However, many on the receiving end of the messages use it as an opportunity to prank the other person or troll them to the point of no return. Fortunately, that was not the case for this person looking for some solid decorating advice for a little girl’s bedroom.

Elite Daily shared an amazing text message exchange between two complete strangers that ended in a mutual dislike for “D” and some sound advice for decorating the room of a little girl who loves the color blue. The text message began when an unnamed individual sent a text to a wrong number stating that “D” was trying to keep her from painting “Tamiya’s room” blue because she is a girl. The implication was that a little girl cannot have a blue room because it is not gender appropriate. However, the person sending the text message wanted the room blue.

The person receiving the message politely informed the sender that they had sent a message to the wrong person but went on to provide approval for the girl’s blue room saying, “Wrong number, but hell yeah. Paint the girl’s room blue.”

Text message exchange

Obviously feeling a connection to the mystery person on the other end of the phone, the person went on to ask some quick advice on color section for the 3-year-old girl. The texter asks if the stranger thought turquoise or periwinkle would be best. This is when it becomes apparent the person on the other end of the line is a home decor genius, possibly even Martha Stewart herself if she used the word “chill.”

Text message exchange between strangers

The interior design guru tells the person that they should choose a “toned down turquoise” because rooms are supposed to be “chill.” Tamiya’s chosen room color is then sent to the stranger for evaluation. The reader notes that the color may be a bit dark and could make the room look smaller so offers up some sound advice on how to utilize the color on one wall with a lighter shade on the other three walls. Then the decor guru offers up words of wisdom on wicker before the reader thanks the person for the advice, noting the room will look “tight as he**.”

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Do you think the person received solid decorating advice from the wrong number text message exchange?

[Image Credit: Elite Daily/ Text Messages]