‘Dance Moms’ Cast Member Sent Suspicious, Inappropriate Packages, Charges May Be Coming

One Dance Moms teen and her family are going through a very unsettling situation according to recent reports. While the show cast member involved has not been named due to her age, the other details emerging have fans feeling anxious for those involved.

According to WTAE, a number of inappropriate packages were sent to one of the Dance Moms girls at a Murrysville, Pennsylvania, post office box connected to the show. The packages raised enough concern that a local bomb squad was called in and the packages were destroyed.

Though full details have not been revealed, authorities indicate that the packages included items such as a coffee maker, a tribal-style blanket, and an Elvis blanket. The packages also included a scrap book and handwritten letters.

While the items such as the blankets and coffee maker don’t seem particularly unsettling on their own, additional details regarding the situation make it clear that the packages contained enough to warrant some attention. Postal inspector Tammy Mayle indicated that the packages had items in them that were inappropriate for a minor.

According to Mayle, the packages had “harassing, stalking items” within them. While there was nothing dangerous in them in terms of putting those in the area in danger, the packages were destroyed by a water cannon and the sender could be facing some trouble.

Reports indicate that the Dance Moms cast member involved does not live in Pennsylvania, but her family has been made aware of what was sent. The person who sent them is said to be a man from San Diego, California. Mayle indicates that they are seeking to have the sender prosecuted for what was sent in the packages.

The Post Gazette details that the man has sent previous packages to the same Dance Moms star. It seems that postal workers recognized the new packages as being similar to previously mailed packages to the teen and that’s when the situation was escalated and the bomb squad was called.

Though authorities may not be releasing much in the way of specifics about these packages, the way the situation was handled pretty clearly indicates that this is an unsettling situation for the family involved.

Many of the Dance Moms girls have become quite visible and popular thanks to the show and their additional entertainment industry projects. It would seem that this situation shows the bad that can come along with the fan adoration and exciting projects.

Season 6 of Dance Moms is on the way and fans can’t wait to hear more. There is a lot of buzz about which girls will be back, with rumors circulating that most, if not all, of the Season 5 cast will return. Stay tuned for more details on the new Dance Moms season as filming gets started soon.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]