Ashley Iaconetti, ‘Ashley I,’ Would Totally Be Willing To Lose Her Virginity On Live TV, But Did She?

Ashley Iaconetti, or “Ashley I.” as she’s known on the hit reality series Bachelor in Paradise, is one of few loud and proud virgins to come through the show’s history, but that wouldn’t stop her from giving all of that up on national television.

A report from the New York Post revealed that the teary castaway was more than ready for it, a fact brought to life by her willingness to invite Jared Haibon to the Fantasy Suite on the most recent week’s episodes.

“I’m not going to let her take Jared away from me,” a furious Ashley said of newcomer Jaclyn Swartz, who had her sights on Haibon. “I’m winning him over. Tonight is literally do or die.”

Ashley Iaconetti then enlisted the help of show host and producer Chris Harrison.

“I want time alone together with Jared without any cameras, so I would like a date that would lead to the Fantasy Suite,” Ashley I. told Harrison. “I want an overnight date with Jared, because there is just no more time left.”

However — and now you’re entering POSSIBLE SPOILER TERRITORY — if you think it’s time for Haibon and Ashley I. to do the deed, don’t get your hopes up just yet. An earlier report from the Inquisitr indicated it probably won’t happen.

The report was on the basis of a series of tweets that Ashley I. sent out during and following the cliffhanger episode.

Viewers, of course, will have to wait until next week to see what happens between Ashley and Jared, but one thing is more than certain: there will be tears, at least if Ashley’s previous episodes are any indication.

Iaconetti cries so much that she’s even been able to joke about it on episodes of After Paradise.

Stands to reason that if one isn’t afraid of announcing their virginity to the world this day and age, tears are small potatoes.

What do you think, readers? Will Ashley Iaconetti hook up with Jared, or is she headed for more heartbreak?

[Image via Ashley Iaconetti / Instagram]