Babysitting Boyfriend Facing Child Abuse Charges For Allegedly Duct Taping Girlfriend’s Kids To Chairs

One woman’s boyfriend is now facing child abuse charges for his brand of discipline toward her two children. According to KETV, Glenn Oliver allegedly tied his girlfriend’s children to chairs and forced them to watch the biographical drama film, Mommie Dearest.

Otoe County attorney David Partsch has released details regarding the incident, which reportedly took place on Sunday, August 30. He also discussed the allegations against Oliver. According to court documents, Oliver insists he forced the children watch the film because his girlfriend instructed him to do so. However, when “they weren’t cooperating” he bound and gagged them. The affidavit also revealed that Oliver admitted “he was tired and frustrated, because they were not minding him and would not calm down.”

“The duct tape was around their chest, their mouth,” Partsch said. “They had duct tape on their head attaching them to the chairs.”

It has been reported that a neighbor, who frequently visits the residence, actually contacted local authorities after seeing the children – both boys, ages 6 and 4 – tied to chairs with their mouths gagged inside the home. She reportedly saw the children throw a window and snapped a photo of the unsettling scene with her cell phone.

The neighbor, who has requested to remain anonymous, recently recounted the incident during a news interview. She admitted that the incident was quite shocking because it seemed completely out of character for Oliver.

“I wasn’t feeling all that much, except the drive to get them out,” said the neighbor. “At first, I couldn’t believe it, because it was just so out of character,” said the neighbor. “It didn’t cross my mind at all that he would do something like that.”

After witnessing the children tied up, she reportedly went home to come up with a plan to remove the children from the home. “(She) asked the caregiver if she could take the boys over to her own home to help clean and he didn’t have a problem with that,” Partsch said.

According to Scripps Media, he call reportedly led to Oliver’s arrest. He has been arrested on charges of felony child abuse and false imprisonment. He has been booked into the Otoe County Jail with a bond set at 10 percent of $50,000. However, there is currently a court-ordered hold prohibiting Oliver from posting bail because he is currently on parole.

Partsch has also confirmed that three children were removed from the home and are now in the care of family members. “All three of the children were removed from the home,” Partsch said. “They are with a caring person.”

[Image via Otoe County NE Jail]