Donald Trump: Kanye West Is A Candidate He’d Like To Run Against

Donald Trump says Kanye West is a presidential candidate he’d like to run against. That would be an interesting debate if it ever happened.

Trump has shown his style of politics in ways that have many scratching their heads. He offended Latinos by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals,” and then somehow maintained a lead in the polls. He even made a borderline misogynistic remark about Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly when asked about her words with him, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Many in the music world have been saying the same thing about Kanye. He appears to maintain an unapologetic façade in the public eye, and his choices about many things have been considered questionable, beginning with his stage antics with Taylor Swift.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump admitted seeing Kanye West doing what everybody knows him for once again at the VMAs. When West accepted his Video Vanguard Award, he gave a 13-minute speech, ending in his bid for presidency in 2020, according to Rolling Stone.

Trump has had only nice things to say about the “Gold Digger” rapper, claiming that they are alike in one particular way.

“He’s said very nice things about me in the past … extremely positive things. I was actually watching, I saw him [announce his candidacy on the VMAs], and I said, ‘That’s very interesting. I wonder who gave him that idea?’ He’s actually a different kind of person than people think. He’s a nice guy. I hope to run against him someday.”

It is doubtful that Donald Trump and Kanye West will be political rivals in 2020, though, since New York Daily News says he admitted to rolling “a little something” before the show. His announcement that he’d be running for president may have simply been a joke, since he probably knew people expect him to do something at the VMAs to get the press talking.

You have to be a certain age and should have at least some education in law (though not required) to even be considered for President of the United States. Kanye might not even get to that point unless he plans to cram for a degree in law and put his music career on hold. Even then, his reputation could work against him.

Do you think Donald Trump and Kanye West could be running as rivals in 2020, or was it all just a big joke?

[Image via Jason Davis / Getty Images, Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images]