Woman Who Says She Is ‘Allergic To WiFi’ Wins Disability Claim In Court, Awarded $995 Per Month

Marine Richard, a former radio producer from France, says she is allergic to WiFi and is forced to live in a remote barn in the mountains to avoid electronics. Despite initially being denied disability for her WiFi allergy, Richard wasn’t going to give up. She took her disability claim to the French courts and was awarded approximately $995 per month for her inability to be near electronics.

The Daily Mail reports that Marine Richard’s doctors say she suffers from EHS, an extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation found in most modern electronic devices. However, health authorities in charge of determining disabling conditions do not recognize EHS as a genuine clinical illness. Therefore, Richard was denied disability claims. Richard decided to take her case to the French courts and ultimately won. The WiFi allergy sufferer was awarded approximately $995 per month in disability.

According to the report, Richard would become nauseous, get headaches, and have heart palpitations when she was near any sort of electronic device that put off electromagnetic radiation. This mean that the woman experienced health problems near common household items such as cell phones, televisions, remote controls, and WiFi routers. Marine Richard said her only option was to move to a secluded barn, which she converted into a home and which is located in the remote southwest France mountains. Richard lives without electricity and obtains her water from a well.

When the court initially heard Richard’s claims, health authorities claimed that EHS was not a clinically recognized illness. Therefore, the disability claim should be denied. Despite the words of caution from health officials, the judge ruled in favor of Marine Richard, awarding her approximately $995 a month.

The Telegraph notes that the ruling may pave the way for thousands of other EHS sufferers to file claims, as she is the first person in France to win a “WiFi allergy,” or electromagnetic sensitivity, claim.

“French courts have refused so far to pay disability benefits to people who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, so after winning the case, Mariane Richard said that her win was a ‘breakthrough’.”

The World Health Organization mentions electromagnetic sensitivity as an illness that is “characterized by a range of non-specific symptoms that lack apparent toxicological or physiological basis or independent verification.” It is noted that there are currently no tests to determine if a person suffers from EHS, as sufferers “were unable to detect electromagnetic fields any more than people who weren’t suffering from the condition.”

Do you think people who suffer from a “WiFi allergy” or electromagnetic sensitivity should be approved for disability?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan]