Lil Wayne, Christina Milian: Busy Or Broken Up?

There have been speculations about Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s relationship lately — but could it be that they are busy and not broken up?

Obviously, over the last weeks of August, Lil Wayne has been performing. At the same time, Christina Milian’s personal life has been particularly devastating.

Clearly, there are rumors flying around the end of August that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are headed for a split. However, the supporting evidence that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are officially over is difficult to find.

First and foremost, it is being alleged that a recent Instagram post from Christina Milian indicates that Lil Wayne may have dumped her. MStarz gives the following quote as a “sign” that Christina Milian has had her heart broken by Lil Wayne.

“Live a beautiful life. Create moments that enhance your living and those around you for the better. Be at peace with lessons learned and know that everything happens for a reason. Stay blessed and smile. Today will be a better day.”

Alternatively, that Instagram post may not have been about Lil Wayne at all — and instead was related to other heartbreaking news in Christina Milian’s life.

Sadly, it was reported by The Mirror on August 27 that Christina Milian’s sister gave birth to a child that soon passed away.

Obviously, Christina Millian might be wanting to take time off from her relationship with Lil Wayne to spend time exclusively with her sister or family during this devastating time.

Naturally, as a good boyfriend, Lil Wayne will want to give her some space, and it is extremely doubtful that the other rumors surrounding their relationship have much truth to them.

For instance, it is apparent that Lil Wayne and Christina Millian work themselves to the bone — and this may be why they have not been spending much time together in the recent past.

For example, Music News reports that when Lil Wayne was arriving at the Billboard Music Awards Hot 100 Fest on August 22, he did not know where he was temporarily. Sources close to Lil Wayne reported that they felt he was simply exhausted and that was why he had a momentary memory lapse.

VH1 also points out that Lil Wayne was bringing a lot of energy to his performance with Christina Milian later that night, and the comment he made was probably a fluke — as opposed to being a serious memory or health issue.

Despite the fact that he saw Christina Milian that night at the Hot 100 Fest, rumors about the possibility that Lil Wayne has moved on continued to mount.

For example, it is alleged that during the Lil Weezyana Fest in New Orleans that Lil Wayne was “seen” with his ex fiancee, Dhea. According to VH1 report on August 29, speculation indicated this might mean Lil Wayne and Christina Milian broke up. Interestingly, when asked where she was during the Lil Weezyana Fest, Christina Milian allegedly replied with a great deal of nonchalance that she was filming her TV show.

Should fans of Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s relationship be worried about their future? As it appears, Lil Wayne is likely to have “no worries” about the situation.

According to Billboard Magazine‘s coverage of the Lil Weezyana Fest on August 28, Lil Wayne ended his performance by cuing his 2013 song, “No Worries.”

Billboard wrote that they deduced that Lil Wayne was taking a possible shot at Birdman and Cash Money by playing that particular song, but perhaps ending his set with “No Worries” was Lil Wayne’s way of telling Christina Milian that he still cares about her… no matter what.

[Feature images of Christina Milian via Theo Wargo/Getty Images, Lil Wayne via Theo Wargo/Getty Images]