‘Empire’ Season 2 Spoilers: Time Jump, Lucious Causes Trouble

Empire Season 2 is now less than a month away, and the spoilers are starting to arrive. The new season will start with a time jump, pushing viewers three months later than what they saw at the end of Season 1. Wet Paint shared that Empire Season 2 has a lot happening right from the start.

Lucious Lyon is still behind bars, and pictures of the upcoming season of Empire show him causing trouble in the prison yard. You know he isn’t going to see eye to eye with everyone behind bars. Lucious likes to rule no matter where he is, and prison won’t be an exception. Fans are doing all that they can to get him out of jail, including a big “Free Lucious” concert. Through it all his family appears to be working together despite the differences that they have had in the past, they will be there to perform for the concert, which will be full of great music from Empire.

Andre, Anika, and Cookie are going to do what they can to get Empire for themselves. The plan is to remove Lucious Lyon as CEO of Empire and become the ones in charge, according to a new preview. Lucious won’t give up Empire without a fight, though. Cookie is certain that in just 24 hours, they will have Empire away from Lucious, but only time will tell if they can pull off taking control of Empire away. Cookie does visit him in jail in one clip from Empire, but it looks like he just laughs in her face at whatever idea she passes on. Lucious is ready to do whatever it takes to get out of jail and back in charge of Empire.

According to the International Business Times, the premiere episode of Empire is called “The Devils are Here.” Anika Calhoun (aka Boo Boo Kitty) will be causing some new problems on Empire this season. She may be the ex-fiance, but that doesn’t mean that she is just going to leave quietly. Anika is still going to be a huge part of Empire in Season 2. Jamal is also going through a lot of changes this season, and they might not all be great. Don’t underestimate this Empire character and what he is capable of doing when he puts his mind to it.

Do not miss Empire when it returns to Fox on September 23. This will be a huge season full of great music and Lucious’ fight to find a way out of jail and to not lose Empire. Now that Lyon knows that he will live to see another day, he is not going to go down without a fight. Empire airs new episodes every Wednesday night on Fox.

[Picture Source: Bruno Bebert/PLS Pool/Getty Images]