Bill Murray Gives Details On ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Cameo

Bill Murray opened up to reporters recently on his cameo in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. As reported previously on the Inquisitr, Bill Murray, 64, confirmed that he would be making a short cameo appearance in the new film.

Bill Murray is one of the many reasons that the original 80s Ghostbusters franchise was so successful. However, it’s widely known that one of the major reasons a Ghostbusters 3 was never put into production was because Murray was so reluctant about making the third installment. After the second installment of the series didn’t receive great reviews, Murray was left with a sour taste in his mouth for the franchise. Without Bill’s classic comedy and well-known face, the makers decided a third film would receive even less praise than the second.

That hesitation seems to have come to an end with the newest Ghostbusters reboot. However, he won’t be returning as Peter Venkman, but as a character that sets out to prove the new crew of ghost fighters is, in fact, a fraud.

The new Ghostbusters film will take a more feminine approach to fighting spirits, with an all-girl team played by stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. It will be directed by Paul Feig, who is noted for directing films like Bridesmaids and, more recently, Spy. According to Murray, this fun-loving, star-studded cast is what convinced him to make an appearance in the film. When asked why he decided to join the film after all, he told Vulture the following.

“You know, they were incredibly nice to ask me, and I really enjoyed being there. They have such a jolly group, and they are going to have great success with this project. I didn’t want to overshadow [them] or anything, and I feel really good about it.”

This easy answer comes as quite a surprise when compared to his determination not to do a third film in the nineties. When pressed further, he admitted, “I like those girls a lot. I mean, I really do. They are tough to say no to. And Paul is a real nice fellow.”

He also admitted that the decision didn’t come easy.

“I thought about it for a very long time… Like, many, many months. No, that’s not right. I was seriously thinking about this for years, really … It kept eating at me, and I really respect those girls. And then I started to feel like if I didn’t do this movie, maybe somebody would write a bad review or something, thinking there was some sort of disapproval [on my part].”

Murray didn’t comment further on the upcoming scene other than to say that it is going to be a new and exciting adventure, but he did confirm that there would not be a scene in which the original Ghostbusters pass the “baton” to the reboot crew. This became impossible after Harold Ramis passed away at 69 last year. However, there is still plenty to be excited about with Bill Murray’s upcoming reboot cameo, and more from Paul Feig and the star-studded cast.

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