Paris Hilton Throws Wild (Kids) Party In Ibiza

Paris Hilton’s hard-partying ways brought her headlines in Ibiza, Spain, but this time, it was for all the right reasons. On Saturday, August 29, she partied it up with a group of excited kids from an area children’s center. The money raised from the event went to a local organization, called APNEEF, that provides support for kids and their families with a variety of health issues, be it mental, physical, cognitive, or sensory, as explained by Radar Online.

According to the Radar article, the General Manager of APNEEF, Carmen Bond, was hopeful about what the event could do for the organization.

“It is an honor for us to collaborate with Paris Hilton and have her help us at APNEEF. It is also a unique opportunity that will illustrate to the world what we do and learn about our efforts, which is an important door to be opened.”

In a Daily Mail article, a press statement about the event explained why the hotel heiress, perfume maker, former reality TV show star, and jet-setting DJ Paris Hilton got involved with APNEEF.

“Paris has spent a lot of time learning about a local non-profit organization, [APNEEF], which serves children with any type of physical, mental, sensory and / or cognitive need in Ibiza. ‘Hilton has visited their children’s center on multiple occasions and has been personally touched by all the stories; both of the individual children, and their families who need the help and support of the center. This is a place where childcare is provided while the parents go to work, and are able to provide an income for their families, as well as receive different types of mental treatment and therapy.”

The kids appeared to have an amazing time, as did Paris Hilton herself, who can be seen in a number of pictures from the event cuddling up, dancing, holding and generally having a great time with her party guests. All the usual party favorites were there with balloons, food and beverages, glow sticks, rubber sticks, and lots of dancing. Paris Hilton donned a pink pair of kitty ears and heart shaped sunglasses and, of course, a giant smile.

The event, which ended at 7 p.m. — just in time for the kids to head off to bed — is reported to have raised $100,000 for APNEEF.

The Nation reports that Ms. Hilton is currently DJing at a club called Amnesia on the Spanish party island of Ibiza until September 12. Paris Hilton’s wealthy businessman boyfriend, Thomas Gross, owns a home on the island.

[Photo from Charles Coates / Getty Images]