‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home From ‘BB17’ On September 3?

Big Brother 17 spoilers spell out doom for one houseguest. For Week 10, the current Big Brother 17 spoilers point to Meg Maley getting evicted from the house. It’s not too surprising that the BB17 house refused to make a big move, but sending out the weakest player of the season is a new low. A report from fan site Big Brother Network confirms that there are no secret plans in place to evict Julia Nolan, and John McGuire, Steve Moses, Austin Matelson, and Liz Nolan are about to summarily send Meg to the jury.

James Huling is the only houseguest that will vote against Julia and in favor of Meg staying in the game. This is due to their friendship in the house, but her eviction will quickly leave James with no more allies in BB17. As it stands, there is a lot of deal-making going on between Vanessa and other houseguests, possibly predicting that James could be safe for a little while. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, host Julie Chen will tell the houseguests on September 3 (Thursday) that it is another double eviction night.

While the revelation of who goes home on September 3 isn’t groundbreaking, these Big Brother 17 spoilers do point toward some drama building up in the house. Everyone not named Austin Matelson, Julia Nolan, or Liz Nolan wants the trio to be broken up, so there are a lot of discussions taking place about how to do that best. This could be a way for Vanessa Rousso to use these conversations against people, though, because she does that quite often in the BB17 house. It may all come down to who wins the first Head of Household competition during the September 3 episode on CBS.

There are going to be houseguests that look back on this particular eviction and regret the decision to send Meg Maley out of the BB17 house. She isn’t a threat to anyone, especially when it comes to winning competitions. Meg has had a really tough summer in the game, struggling in both the mental and physical competitions. Any houseguest using the excuse that they are voting a “threat” out of the game is either lying or simply delusional. With the chance to get Julia Nolan out of the house immediately, Steve Moses and John McGuire are dooming themselves.

With just about three weeks left in season 17 of the show, at least there is some excitement on the horizon. It won’t be during the first eviction on September 3, but maybe the fast forward will lead to something very interesting. New Big Brother 17 spoilers could still reveal a shift in the voting over the next 24 hours, but the eviction of Meg Maley looks to be set in stone already.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]