Is The Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ Becoming A Parody Of Itself? We Can Fix This

The Hollywood walk of fame could be ending, but it’s not what you’re probably thinking. Movies these days appear to be getting worse, and we’re not getting as many unanimously acclaimed releases.

While the actual Walk of Fame is a strip of walkway bearing the individual signatures and footprints of the stars as they gain their notoriety in film, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Movies are getting to the point that everything original has to be done perfectly or it will be destroyed by critics and fans alike. Many producers and studios are taking the easy way to a quick boost in the theaters.

Adam Sandler’s Pixels might not be one of his worst, but it certainly doesn’t break from a long and critically derided tradition of keeping to the same sophomoric formula Sandler always uses. Michael Bay, once praised for his highly visualized action style, is now slammed every time he even gets involved with a movie, due to his tendency to use lots of explosions and immature humor.

This is only part of why the Hollywood walk of fame is quickly becoming the walk of shame. It has become so bad that the biggest films are remakes or sequels, and the quality of movies is suffering for it, according to New Republic.

Read any comment section on any movie franchise in articles or on YouTube and you’ll notice an unending barrage of people slamming the film even after seeing only one trailer. Sometimes the movie isn’t really that bad, like the last Fantastic Four, but it’s popular to hate it because fans want the characters to go back to Marvel Studios.

The death of Hollywood’s walk of fame can also be attributed to the way we spend our money. Big films with ambitious ideas often get pirated so much that it’s not worth the money to make them, much like the Hollywood Reporter says about The Hurt Locker. The movies that earn the most are usually rather bad in the public’s opinion, so they keep getting sequels and remakes.

Piracy is a crime punishable by fines and jail time, but there is another way we can bring the message to Hollywood.

Spend more money on the movies you want to see. Check Metacritic reviews, and see it in the theater if you’re not sure but think it has promise. If you like the movie, buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray, according to how much you liked it. Money talks, and the movies that earn the most are the most likely to get sequels.

We can bring back the Hollywood walk of fame and revive quality films by simply paying more for what we want to see, and not watching the ones we know we won’t like.

[Image via Jilly Beans]