Rihanna: Anti-Fur Protesters Crash RiRi Perfume Party [Video]

When it comes to Rihanna, anti-fur protesters apparently have no problem crashing a party. In this case, the party was for the launch of Rihanna’s perfume, but even though no animal fur-based clothes were at stake, the animal rights activists had no problem labeling RiRi a murderer.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Rihanna’s anti-fur protesters were shown waving signs which had insults aimed at the singer. The rowdy group also chanted, “Shame on Rihanna! Shame on Rihanna! Fifty dead animals – one fur coat.”

The video was filmed by the animal rights group Their Turn, who explained their motives on their website.

“The growing public awareness of the mistreatment of animals coupled with the void created by other social justice movements that have already peaked have enabled Animal Rights to emerge as the social justice movement of our time,” the organization’s website reads. “We must seize on the attention and interest to advocate for animals now.”

During the RiRi perfume party, Rihanna simply worse a pink dress with poofy sleeves which hung off the shoulder. No animal fur was on display, but Rihanna’s anti-fur protesters clearly remember how she “wore a dress with fur trim the size of small swimming pool to the annual costume gala at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York” in May of 2015.

In order to drive this point home, Their Turn related how Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ, described Rihanna’s fur dress at the time.

“It is pure torture — skinning them alive to put a coat on your back when you can have a different kind of coat,” Levin claimed. “It’s barbaric. How can anyone defend torture?”

Rihanna’s anti-fur protesters also pointed out that RiRi has been spotted wearing many types of fur garments in the past, many of which are fully body outfits requiring the furs of many animals.

[Image via Getty Images]