Apple Watch Vs Huawei Watch: Which Smartwatch Is Worth $350?

It looks like the Apple Watch will have some serious competition. Huawei is about to release the Android-based Huawei Watch, which is their most luxurious smartwatch from the Android Wear line.

The company announced earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress that Huawei Watch would launch in June. But for whatever reason, it won’t launch until September 17 at Amazon, Best Buy,, and the Google Store. Pre-orders begin on September 2. This new smartwatch costs $349, as much as the cheapest version of the Apple Watch.

Unlike the Apple Watch (unless you buy the luxury line), the Huawei looks like jewelry, according to Mashable Deputy Tech Editor Samantha Murphy Kelly. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a smartwatch.

“It looks expensive, like something you’d find under a glass display in a high-end shop on Fifth Avenue.”

Not only will the Android Wear watch beat the Apple Watch when it comes to looks, it will also beat its competitor when it comes to pricing. The new watch starts at a respectable $349 and comes in a variety of styles. It also comes with a responsive 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

Don’t let its luxury looks fool you. According to a previous report via Slash Gear, the Huawei is extremely “well-made.” This watch is made out of cold-forged 316L-grade stainless steel, which means it’s corrosion’ and scratch-resistant.

Consumers in the U.S. will have their pick of three styles and choice of straps. The most affordable ($349) will come in polished stainless steel with a matte leather strap, while the $399 comes with a stainless steel link bracelet.

This watch is similar to the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition with its durable sapphire crystal lens, which prevents scuffs and scratches.

The Huawei runs on Google’s open-source Android Wear operating system — however, it’s compatible with both the Android and iPhone smartphones. “So you don’t only have to buy Apple Watch if you have an iPhone,” Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer, joked on stage during a Press Event at IFA, in Berlin.

It also supports Wi-Fi and connects to your Android or iOS smartphone with Bluetooth 4.1.

The Huawei Watch comes with a 300 mAh battery, a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. The company also promises that it has the “most accurate” heart rate monitor, compared to Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor.

Huawei is also looking to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6s with the launch of their new Huawei Mate S. This latest smartphone will allow you to perform different tasks depending on how hard you touch the display. The Huawei Mate S will make its launch in Europe on September 15, and will cost significantly more than the Apple iPhone 6s.

[Image: Pablo Cuadra / Getty Images for Apple]