Jenelle Evans On Tinder: Evans Getting Backlash For Flirting With Man Who Strangled Her

Jenelle Evans hasn’t been single for long, but she could be feeling lonely already. She has been single for a couple of months, and she is looking to start a new chapter of her life. Jenelle has graduated and could be looking for work. But Evans could also be looking for a new boyfriend who understands that she has two children with two different men.

If Jenelle Evans is looking for a long-term partner, she could be looking in all the wrong places. For one, she has been flirting with her ex-boyfriends, including Kieffer Delp and Gary Head. And second, Jenelle has been going on Tinder. Evans met Nathan Griffith on a dating app, but this was before Tinder was actually an active dating app.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans admitted to going on Tinder to see what the selection is currently like. And maybe Tinder isn’t the place to pick up a guy or two because the app is more for casual hookups, not long-lasting relationships.

“Tinder is like my newspaper in the morning. Thennnnn I don’t get on it for like 2 days,” Jenelle revealed on Twitter this morning, which lead to the question, “found anyone interesting yet??” and Evans replying, “nope, just curious.”

Because Jenelle Evans has admitted that she can’t be single for long, it isn’t surprising that she is back on a dating app. Sadly, many of her followers thought she was desperate to be dating again. Maybe Evans should just focus on her children rather than on dating someone new.

“Desperate Debbie is thirsty for her next soul mate to fake DV charges against!” one follower wrote, while another added, “I’m legit embarrassed at how desperate she is. Too bad she won’t focus on those poor kids.”

And a third follower pointed to the fact that Evans doesn’t share many daily photos of her kids, writing, “And yet still no pictures or even mentions of your children… dogs and men are much more important huh.”

But the most shocking thing is that she is communicating with Gary again. The two were briefly engaged, but Jenelle pressed charges against him after he supposedly tried to strangle her with a bed sheet. Jenelle was terrified and the two quickly broke up. So many people are confused that Evans is flirting with him again.

“You do know she had him arrested for strangling her with sheets, right?” one follower pointed out after learning that Jenelle was flirting with Gary again, adding, “Which is crazy. Not sure why everyone condemns Nathan but encourages her to get back with Gary, who also abused her.”

If you could give you Jenelle Evans some advice, what would it be?

[Image via Instagram]