Tamar Braxton Added To ‘DWTS’ Cast — The Twitter Crowd Goes Wild

To know Tamar Braxton is to love her — at least that’s how her “Tamartian” fans feel, and how those “stans” are reacting to the news that Braxton has been added to the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

With the #DWTS hashtag trending now that the Dancing with the Stars full cast has been unveiled, at least 15,700 tweets about the trend have come into Twitter rapidly, with plenty of reactions about Tamar joining DWTS coming into Twitter as well.

“Wow. I might have to watch this season. Gary Busey, Tamar Braxton AND Kim Zolciak? That’s a whole lotta crazy.”

Tamar is the youngest sister of the Braxton clan, with Toni Braxton putting the family on the map with her string of hits in the 1990s and beyond. The Braxton sisters and their parents are often seen interacting on their hit reality TV show Braxton Family Values.

“I love when Tamar says she’s here for it! Lol love her.”

According to the Daily Mail, the new season of DWTS featuring Braxton — which will be the 21st season of Dancing With The Stars — is scheduled to start on September 14. Other famous folks featured on the show will include Kim Zolciak and Paula Deen. Generally, DWTS features the kind of controversial or attention-getting folks that viewers want to watch.

“Miss Braxton is in the house!!! I’m so proud of you Tamar!! For constantly striving to make your dreams come true. God is good.

Tamar has long been loved by fans who first met her when Braxton was brought to prominence as the younger singer who no longer wanted to be a “doo wop pop pop” chick singing in her sister’s shadow. Ultimately, Tamar got her own record deals and won a new legion of fans with songs like “Hot Sugar” and “Love and War,” among others.

“Tamar actually has a good chance at top 3 may be even be the winner for this season . Lol let’s see.”

Certain Twitter users are already pegging Tamar as a DWTS winner, citing how well Braxton already dances. Tamar is oftentimes seen dropping it like it’s hot on reality TV.

Oftentimes mentioning her weight loss journey and calling herself “thickums” or other terms, Tamar will likely be one of the folks dropping pounds due to the grueling dance schedule of DWTS.

In the words of Tamar, “Won’t He do it?”

[Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images Entertainment]