Ben Affleck’s Nanny Christine Ouzounian To Sell Tell-All Book

Is Ben Affleck’s rumored ex-fling moving on from Affleck by selling a tell-all book? Rumors are circulating that Christine Ouzounian, the former nanny who allegedly had an affair with Affleck, is out of a job and looking to make some quick cash. Calling the paparazzi was her first move to do just that, but now, sources say that Ouzounian is thinking more long term.

According to OK!, which is billing this as “the untold story” from the nanny, published a cover with a “quote” from the Christine, saying, “Ben seduced me in the shower!” According to the tabloid, they spoke to the source about the potential of Ouzounian coming out with a tell-all. “It’s exactly what Ben and Jen have been fearing. She’s going to air all their dirty laundry!”

Ouzounian was hired and fired fairly quickly, and a pal of the nanny said Garner knew something was up very early on. The actress, “suspected something was going on, almost from the very beginning.” She found them “leaning in to each other whispering.”

It’s said that Ben Affleck isn’t interested in keeping up any charade with Christine, and he is getting help from his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, to keep the details of this affair private. This sounds a bit ludicrous since every minute detail of this alleged affair has been splashed across the pages of every major tabloid.

Whether they had an affair or not doesn’t really matter at this point. The tabloids have sold their magazines, and the narrative is already out there and in people’s minds. So, the fact that Ouzounian has personally not only become a target, but she has flipped the script and given this story enormous legs throughout the summer is not surprising. After all, she is an ex-nanny that’s currently driving around in a Lexus.

OK! wasn’t the only source that said she was looking to dish out a tell-all. As the Inquisitr reported, Page Six said that she was looking for a book deal or a reality show. The only detail that OK! seems to be leaving out is that Christine signed a standard NDA before she was officially hired by the Afflecks, and that may prevent her from revealing the details of her time with the family.

The NDA prevents her from divulging private information about the Afflecks, their children, and from leaking out any personal information about their private lives. This would definitely include an alleged affair. Maybe she’s planning to write a tell-all about how she became the tabloid’s go-to villain of the summer? That sounds a bit more believable.

[Photo by Mark Miller / Getty Images]