Cat Burned Alive: Woman Brags About Burning Cat Alive, Posts Photos On Facebook

A Mississippi woman is in hot water over horrific animal cruelty photos she decided to proudly share with the world via Facebook. According to Fox 8 Now, the disturbing photo, which captured a severely burned cat, was uploaded to the social network by a woman named Latika “Shay” Houston.

It has been reported that Houston actually admitted to committing the vile criminal act because she was frustrated about the stray cat loitering outside her house. Instead of contacting animal control, Houston decided to take matters into her own hands by setting the live cat on fire. However, that’s not all she did.


According to New York Daily News, she also took photos of the aftermath, capturing the skinned and tormented cat.

“I should take it to the backyard and finish it off… stay away from my house!!!!” Houston said in the shocking Facebook post.

Although she apparently enjoyed boasting about the horrific attack, an overwhelming number of Facebook users definitely didn’t relish in her disturbing victory. It definitely didn’t take long for social media users to start posting condemning comments, scolding Houston for her actions. While many of her friends insisted she remove the photo, she reportedly refused, reports IJ Review. However, the comments didn’t stop her from defending her actions. In fact, she even attempted to justify her actions by reiterating why she tortured the cat.

“Yes I burned the dam cat BIG F***ING DEAL OH WELL!!! Bet they stay away from my house now… Lmao!! I set that mf on fire!!! Had to set an example..They stray cats that think my house a litter box but WRONG ANSWER!!

I swear I do not like animals, but the hate I have for CATS!! … BUUUUURN LIL MF!! BUUUURNNNNN!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaa!!!! Gone learn this morning!!! And every other cat my house is not a litter she need to stop bringing them babies and other stray cats to my house!!! I’ll burn them one by one if I have to 1 down more to go!”

The disturbing comments have infuriated a number of Facebook users, who immediately reported the horrific photo. Now, the Jackson Police Department is investigating Houston for animal cruelty. “We got the information on Facebook, we acted [on] it, but we still have more to look into,” Officer Colendula Green said during an interview on Tuesday, September 1.


Although there is a possibility Houston could face misdemeanor charges for burning the cat alive, surprisingly, some of her neighbors have also voiced their frustrations about all of the feral cats in the area. “I had to call animal control a couple of months ago,” said Cynthia Thomas. “I had to get two cats down from my attic. They were small little old kittens.” Thomas added, “It’s really a hazard, health hazard situation because you don’t know what those cats are up to in your attic.”

At this point, the Jackson Police Department has stated that Houston has not yet been charged because probable cause has to be proven. It still has not been proven if Houston did, indeed, set the cat on fire.

[Image via Facebook]