Lisa Vanderpump’s Friend Gives Her Credit: ‘I’ve Never Seen A More Successful Housewife’

Lisa Vanderpump is one of the most successful housewives in the entire franchise. With 26 bars and restaurants in her portfolio, and three of the hottest Hollywood hangouts on her resume, it is no secret that Lisa understands her customers. And while some of her Beverly Hills friends don’t always acknowledge her successes, she does have friends who do. And one of Lisa’s closest friends is former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass.

While Lance doesn’t film The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Lisa Vanderpump, he has made some appearances at parties and events. Vanderpump has been a big supporter of the gay community, and Lance asked Lisa to be his bridesmaid at his wedding.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now getting some support and credit from her friend Lance, who believes that Vanderpump lives a real life. He compares Lisa to other housewives who may be struck a bit by a delusional idea that reality television will change their lives.

“Lisa [Vanderpump] definitely is one of my besties. It’s real fun to be able to watch and know someone on the show. But it’s also nice to know a lot of the backstory that other people don’t see. It’s really interesting because, to me, it’s like my own personal reality show. So it is [also] frustrating to watch when you know the truth about something and see all this miscommunication happening and then, of course, you add alcohol and it just escalates,” he explains, pointing out that Vanderpump doesn’t live in a delusional world.

“I feel like Teresa [Giudice] and Sonja [Morgan] suffer from the same delusion and I think that if they really got in contact with the real world it would just help them out so much. You know, sometimes it’s great to be in that delusional world and it’s fun but I think they would really benefit from really getting a taste of reality,” he adds.

And it sounds like Lisa Vanderpump is filming the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa was spotted with Kyle Richards in Europe earlier this summer, and she recently attended a Moulin Rouge theme party with the other housewives.

“I’ve never seen a more successful housewife [than Lisa] with her spin-off of Vanderpump Rules, so I think maybe Lifetime Achievement Award would go to my girl Vanderpump. She took the situation and she knew how to work. She entertains everyone and somehow she ended up being the most loved Housewife and still having the drama attached to her — that’s a tricky thing to navigate,” he reveals.

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump being one of the most successful housewives?

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