WWE News: Dolph Ziggler And Lana More Than Just Friends Off WWE Television?

On-screen relationships in the WWE can often lead to partnerships in real life. The most recent example is CM Punk and AJ Lee. After dating Daniel Bryan, Lee then went to Punk and clearly never went back. Both WWE legends ended up getting married and seem very happy in life after pro wrestling. While having a relationship on WWE TV, it can sometimes lead to friction backstage.

Lita, Edge, and Matt Hardy always comes to light when this is discussed. In the mid-2ooo’s, Hardy and Lita were dating and happy. In fact, the couple bought a house and were going to start a life together. Then, the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian were feuding, with Lita helping Matt and Jeff.

Feelings developed between Edge and Lita, which led to Lita leaving Matt for Edge shortly thereafter. WWE officials decided to use the hatred Matt Hardy had for Edge in a feud on WWE TV. That spiraled into one of the greatest, most-personal feuds in WWE history.

In today’s WWE, there are a few couples that have relationships backstage. Rusev and Lana were publicly dating, which was revealed on social media numerous times. They had a relationship on-screen, too, but plans changed when Lana left Rusev for Dolph Ziggler. On social media, they’ve kept kayfabe alive. However, Ziggler just said he and Lana are a couple in real life in a recent interview.

“During the interview, Ziggler indicated that his relationship with Lana could be a real life thing. He also talked about partying with Lana in New York City during SummerSlam weekend and said they’re more than just friends now.”

Here’s the video of the entire interview, which has Ziggler talking to the reporter about Lana and a potential match with Tyler Breeze.

Before this interview took place, WWE fans assumed they were protecting the storyline that was on TV. In addition to his words on-screen, he replied to a fan on Twitter that thought Rusev and Lana had a relationship in real life.

When Lita, Hardy, and Edge had their feud, social media was prevalent enough to warrant any reaction from the fans outside of a WWE event. The way Lana and Ziggler are playing the fans is brilliant and a great use of social media for WWE storylines. On the other hand, Rusev and Ziggler could end up like Hardy and Edge, which could’ve turned out ugly.

[Image via dolphziggler.us]