Lemmy Pulls The Plug On Motorhead In Texas: ‘I Can’t Do It’

Lemmy pulled the plug on Motorhead’s show in Austin, Texas after just four songs, stating “I Can’t do it,” before backing away from the microphone in obvious frustration and disgust.

Like a hard-living, hell-raising rock god from Mount Olympus, Lemmy has always been perceived as an indestructible heavy metal warrior who would go down fighting, axe in hand, cigarette on his lips, and the suggestion of three quarters of a bottle of Jack Daniels playing merrily behind his eyes.

However, as the Inquisitr recently reported, various health issues caused by the reckless rocker’s lifestyle forced the Motorhead maverick to limit his alcohol and tobacco intake, and that meant giving up his trademark drink – Jack and Coke.

The Guardian reports that Lemmy has curtailed his nicotine habit to a pack a week, and the heavy metal hellion has also given up Jack and Coke in preference of vodka and orange to help with his diabetes.

Or as Lemmy so eloquently puts it, “I like orange juice better. So, Coca-Cola can f**k off.”

Yet even after such making such concessions to ill health as to forsake his tipple of choice, Lemmy reassured his fans, “Apparently I am still indestructible.”

Indestructible or not, The devil always collects, and Lemmy’s ongoing battle with health problems caused by years of living life on his own terms appeared to catch up with him on Motorhead’s last three gigs in America.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Motorhead’s two previous concerts in Salt Lake City (August 27) and Denver (August 28) were respectively cut shot and cancelled due to the high altitude in each city which presented breathing difficulties for Lemmy, who has been fitted for a defibrillator.

Last night in Austin, a noticeably gaunt Lemmy took to the stage, and eye witnesses said the legendary robust singer looked shaky and out of breath from he start.

The opening number “Damage Case” was preformed at half-speed, and despite the rest of the band’s energetic attempts to will Lemmy onwards and upwards, “Stay Clean” and “We Are Motorhead” fell flat and lacked their usual resemblance to a convoy of tanks reducing everything in their path to rubble.

Determined to make a fist of things and not give up the good fight, Lemmy launched into “Metropolis,” but less than one minute in, the veteran vocalist dropped his arms, retreated from the microphone and flew the white flag in disgust as the rest of Motorhead simultaneously screeched to an ear-splitting halt.

In respect and understanding of the 69-year-old’s recent health issues, the crowd offered supportive chants of “Lemmy! Lemmy! Lemmy!” as the Motorhead maestro apologized for not being able to carry on rocking.

(Image Credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)