One Direction Attacked Over Action1D: Harry Styles ‘Bottled’ On Stage

One Direction could be forgiven for thinking that the world is out to get them at the moment. One Direction are currently approaching the end of their latest world tour and have recently announced that they are to take a break from each other in March 2016. This means that there will not be a One Direction tour in support of their fifth album, due for release later this year. Industry insiders, including former X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, claim that their temporary break will mark the end for One Direction.

As reported in Inquisitr, back in July, One Direction called on their millions of fans across the world to support Action1D, an initiative designed to put pressure on world leaders as they come together to debate climate change and world poverty later this year. Over 80,000 One Direction fans responded by submitting video and photographs outlining the kind of world they want to live in. On Monday of this week One Direction released an inspirational video titled “Dear World Leaders” and asked their fans to spread it on social media in an attempt to make world leaders take notice.

Sadly for One Direction, it seems that some people are less than happy to get behind a campaign launched by super wealthy stars who do not seem to be practicing what they preach. The Daily Mail has criticized One Direction in the past for using separate private jets to fly between gigs. Emissions from aircraft are believed to be a major source of greenhouse gasses.

The Daily Mail has One Direction in its sights once again as it reports a backlash from people who do not want to be preached to by the mega-rich over the issue of poverty. They reports that “commentators were quick to point out the irony of Niall Horan – who as songwriter earns the lion’s share of the groups’ estimated $130 million fortune – sobbing about families who have to ‘choose between food or rent, fuel or schoolbooks’.”

Numerous people have attacked One Direction over the issue and the message was a simple one. If One Direction care so much about climate change and poverty they should quit jetting around the world and donate their fortunes to make a difference. Ouch!

Meanwhile the Mirror reports that Harry Styles was hit in the face by a can during a recent One Direction show. Styles was walking down a platform in the middle of the audience when someone threw a can which hit him in the face.


Sometimes it really can feel like the world is against you, even when you are trying hard to do the right thing.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]