Tracy Leeser, 42-Year-Old Mom, Pulls Gun On Teens Threatening Her 15-Year-Old Son — YouTube Video Removed, Copies Go Viral [Video]

Tracy Leeser and her husband, Don, have proven they are not parents who take it lightly when anyone threatens their son, 15-year-old Brett Leeser. Brett sent Tracy and Don a text saying that other teenage boys were threatening to beat him up at the park. That’s when the Leesers sprang into action. Tracy, 42, showed up at the park with a gun and Don brandished a bat — and apparently a knife as well. The incident happened at Fleet Park in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Although the YouTube video titled “Crazy woman pulls gun on teens at PUBLIC PARK” ploaded to YouTube by 15-year-old Tyrelle Ware, one of the teens Tracy pointed the gun at, has been removed from YouTube, the Ware video still exists on the Daily Mail.

The original video had plenty of cursing and was no doubt uploaded to YouTube by Tyrelle in hopes of swaying the public into thinking Leeser pulled the gun on him for no reason. Instead, the Missouri mom and dad are being hailed by some as doing what any parents would’ve done when it comes to protecting their children, especially in light of the fact that the teens didn’t initially back down from their threats against Brett, even when the Leeser parents showed up.

“Get the f*** away from my kid, you m***********”

Tracy took the gun out from her shorts when the threats against Brett continued after Don had already shown up with a bat.

Although Leeser said she didn’t intend to use the gun, Tracy claims to have brought it to defend herself and her son. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. Police haven’t made any arrests as a result of the incident.

“You wanna beat my a**? Beat my a** m***********, I dare you”

Terrance Ware, 18, and brother of Tyrelle, along with another 18-year-old teen, Jack Herren, were there during the melee. One teen yelled for Tracy to shoot him. Another teenager yelled for Leeser not to point the gun.

“Hey don’t do that. Don’t f****** point that gun at me.”

Only once Tracy told the teenager to back up and he responded that Leeser should back up, because she was the one with the gun, did the volatile situation calm down.

“You are in the wrong lady, you came here with a gun for 17-year-olds.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Leeser agreed that bringing a gun was her safeguard against being killed, and only in a “worst-case scenario” would she have used it. The incident apparently began that same day when two girls fought in front of the Leeser family home, and the girls were friends of Tyrelle and Terrence Ware. Last Saturday, three days following the now viral park incident, 12 BB gun bullets came crashing through the Leesers’ front window, nearby where Don and Tracy’s 8-year-old was napping on the couch in the living room.

Harren, Tyrelle, and Terrance deny shooting BB gun bullets at the Leesers’ house. Don claims Terrence reached for something in his pocket, so Leeser pulled out a knife, swinging it and chasing him away. Terrence said he had no weapon. Christina Halton, mom to Tyrelle and Terrance, thinks the Leesers should get charged for pulling out a gun.

“If they don’t get charged, what kind of example are we setting for our children, that it’s okay to pull guns on kids?”

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