‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Elizabeth Rodriguez Compares Prison And The Zombie Apocalypse

Elizabeth Rodriguez is know to many Orange Is The New Black fans as Aleida Diaz, the mother who shares her prison life with her daughter, Dayanara. Most of the time, during that show, fans are left questioning her parental skills. But, in her newest role as student nurse, Liza Ortiz in AMC’s zombie apocalypse series, Fear The Walking Dead, there is no questioning just how much she loves her son, Chris (played by Lorenzo James Henrie).

But, for the new Fear The Walking Dead actor, which role is harder — raising her child in prison, or during the zombie apocalypse?

According to Elizabeth Rodiguez when she spoke to Vulture recently about her role in Fear The Walking Dead, she would rather be stuck in prison than battling it out on the streets of L.A. against the undead. For her, prison offers the option of one day being free again, whereas, if the apocalypse were to hit, there would be no end.

“In a minimum-security prison, you’re getting out. You know the rules, you can manipulate them. And you know you’re part of a clan, you know where you stand. In this, there are no rules. It’s the fear of not knowing. I don’t know how any of us, like, how would we sleep ever?”

As Elizabeth Rodriguez has pointed out before to Entertainment Weekly, the problem with a zombie apocalypse is constantly having to make choices between “bad decisions and worst decisions.” Something she thinks would be challenging to live with ultimately. For Rodriguez, having to make hard decisions to protect the ones she loved would be a constant moral battle. “Parts of you die with every decision you have to make,” she told Vulture.

Elizabeth has found that working on a show like Fear The Walking Dead makes you look at life differently after filming is over in a way she never did with a show like Orange Is The New Black. She also finds she trusts authority less after working on Fear The Walking Dead.

“I walk down the street looking, especially in Vancouver, I would walk around going, ‘All those people could be walkers’. There is definitely a low-level stress factor that I’m living with now. And I’ve not been grounded in trusting what’s to come or that the government is going to be taking care of us on a local level, federal level, or a world level.”

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on September 13 after a one week hiatus.

If you could chose, which would you pick, prison or the zombie apocalypse? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Image credit: AMC]