WWE News: WWE Asks Dean Ambrose To Tone Down In-Ring Style, Reckless Style Hurting Push Potential?

Joe Burgett

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has been killing it since the moment he came into WWE years ago. Once The Shield came up, he was in the hottest act in pro-wrestling. However, since his singles run, Ambrose has pretty much been in nothing of note. He had a match at WrestleMania 31 and was featured on a lot of PPVs in 2014. Since 2015, barring his Mania match, Ambrose has been doing nothing.

Yes, he did have a few more matches with Seth Rollins that were seemingly only done to help WWE get through part of the summer. However, barring the matches themselves, these programs never went anywhere special for Dean Ambrose. In fact, Dean went from being in the main event of the WWE Money in the Bank PPV to not even appearing on the following PPV.

He has since appeared with Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam and does have a program with The Wyatt Family. After this, it is uncertain what he'll be doing. There is a thought, however, that WWE could be seeing him in the same light they do Daniel Bryan.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE wants Dean Ambrose to tone down his in-ring style. We all know that it seems Ambrose, despite any bad injury recently or even from his Indy career, is not being booked well. The reason for this might be due to what he does in the ring. Higher-ups in WWE feel that Ambrose goes way too hard in the ring and the feeling is that he needs to tone it down in order to be safe.

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This same thing was asked of Daniel Bryan years back, but he never let up. This ended up leading to Bryan having an issue that needed work and he missed nearly a year of action from it. He the came back only to get a concussion due to his style yet again, not really changing from when he first started with WWE. It appears that WWE feels Ambrose is going to get hurt due to his style and that very well could be why they are timid to push him to the moon like they did with Bryan.

Fans love Dean Ambrose, and everyone within WWE knows he has talent. People in the back, from top producers to top wrestlers, have told WWE that Ambrose needs to be pushed. Ambrose himself has never complained publicly about his role in WWE. However, WWE has not put a singles title on him since his singles run, and everyone knows he's worthy of one by now.

Seth Rollins has now been a Money in the Bank winner and United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion since departing from The Shield. Roman Reigns main-evented WrestleMania 31. Both have hard hitting styles, but Ambrose seems to be willing to do anything in the ring to get the fans to react.

Despite the lack of any injury, the feeling could be that he will eventually get hurt. So, we might either never see a big push for Ambrose, or we will see him tone down what he does in the ring. So, we're going to not get something or lose something regardless due to WWE's stance on the style of Dean Ambrose. Everyone knows he has gone too far, a lot. However, he has not shown one issue with his body at this point. So, it remains to be seen what he or WWE will do.

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