‘Dog Whisperer’ Anderson Cooper Of CNN: Touching Tribute To His Dog Who Died

CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, 48, posted touching Instagram photos of the best friend he lost Wednesday, his beloved dog Molly. He obviously was very bonded to the 11-year-old Welsh springer spaniel. Molly made her small screen debut in 2011 on his now-cancelled talk show. The shy canine buried her muzzle in his pants and Cooper was very understanding. He kissed her on the muzzle, soothing her by saying “I know, it’s okay,” according to the Daily Mail.

The pair were often seen around New York city. In a photo Cooper posted, he is seen cuddling with brown-and-white Molly, who he calls his “sweet dog.” It’s not known what Molly died from, but it’s quite apparent that Cooper is in emotional pain from losing his canine friend. In June, Molly appeared on a segment of 60 Minutes. The story was about whether dogs really love their humans. Cooper revealed how much he truly loves dogs, and stated the following according to Yahoo.

“I’m a total dog person….I just really love dogs. I like other people’s dogs. I like dogs of all kinds. Pit bulls– I actually love pit bulls.”

Cooper discovered during that program from a dog expert that when dogs look at their ownerss, “they’re ‘hugging you with their eyes.” He added that the fact that dogs do that “is really kind of cool.” He even called himself a sort of “dog whisperer.” Cooper stated his amazement at the findings, saying the following in the Daily Mail.

“I’ve always wondered if my dog is scammi. Youlook at your dog, and you’re like, ‘Do you really love, me or is this a trick?’…’What really stuck with me is that when dogs are looking at you, they’re hugging you with their eyes. They’re actually getting oxytocin –which is what some people call the love hormone–it actually feels good for them to be making that eye contact. I totally took that home with me. My dog –she doesn’t look at me nearly enough!…I’m like the dog whisperer.”

It demonstrates not only do dogs love us, but we also love our canine companions. Our caring is amply shown when we pay tribute to them. It’s never easy to lose a dog. Cooper called Molly his “best friend.” And the loving picture of him with Molly demonstrates the bond that existed between them. RIP Molly.

Have you ever lost a beloved canine or feline companion? Did you give them any type of tribute? Please leave your comments below.

[Picture Courtesy Instagram]