Liam Payne Celebrates Birthday With New Tattoos And A Bachelor Party

Liam Payne, one fourth of the boy band One Direction, celebrated his big 22 this past weekend, complete with a bachelor party, a couple of new tattoos, and a crowd of thousands that sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

The Daily Mail reports that Payne was partying at the Biergarten in New York City this past Sunday with fellow band mates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. Liam was there to celebrate a bachelor party but given that his birthday was the previous day, August 29, we can assume that Payne was using the night to commemorate it. While partying it up, Payne sported two new tattoos on his right forearm.

Liam had been seen leaving a tattoo parlor earlier that day where he had stopped to take a picture with a fan. Payne’s right forearm could be seen in a protective wrapping used to preserve the new body art.

The new ink won’t be the first for Payne who has several more tattoos that he’s had for years. According to the Hamilton Spectator, Liam also has a tattoo on his ankle that is shared by band mates Louis and Harry, and former member Zayn Malik.

“This was actually the first tattoo I ever got, all of us but Niall have got these on our ankles. It’s just crosses, I don’t know what it means. They’re screws, they keep you together. It’s like a keep you grounded thing.”

That wasn’t the beginning of the celebratory weekend for Liam though. Payne had started celebrating the day before at a One Direction concert in Detroit, as reported by Billboard.

Though the thousands of One Direction fans bearing “Happy Birthday” signs were obviously already aware, Harry Styles announced Payne’s birthday to the roaring crowd prior to the third song. Liam even made an announcement himself a little while later.

“I can see a lot of signs for my birthday… Do you mind if I celebrate it with you? I hope you have as good a time as I’m about to have.”

The other three members of One Direction, along with the audience, sang “Happy Birthday” to Liam, shot off a confetti bottle, and presented Payne with a glitter-ridden top hat that he wore along with a birthday sash that was given to him from a fan in attendance at the concert.

Obviously, the news of One Direction’s impending split doesn’t have Payne or his fellow band mates down. Especially for fans, it’s great to see that they’re still the best of friends.

Liam Payne and the rest of One Direction are currently on their “On the Road Again” tour.

[Photo Courtesy of Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]